The best models!

Now that the hottest days are approaching, it’s time to put aside your slippers and make room for flip flops at home. In this guide, we want to show you 3 models for women and 3 models for men They are very comfortable to use at home and can also be used throughout the summer. Check out these featured flip flops below!

For woman

1. Adidas

A model that is still trending this year: Adidas flip flops. This model is very popular for its comfort, versatility and variety of colors. They are made of rubber and have a 1-inch high base, with a curved internal part to adapt to the foot. You can find this model with the brand’s logo or the iconic 3 strips.

This is the best rated model of the guide, with 4.6 stars and more than 4,900 reviews. The clients comment that they are flip-flops with a good fit, very comfortable and versatile. They mention that they provide a lot of comfort in each step and that their manufacture is of quality.

2. You go

In these Teva flip flops We find an original and urban model, with a light EVA rubber base and several straps on the top that securely hold the foot. Its base adapts to your foot over time and the polyester of its straps dries very quickly.

With more than 9,000 reviews on AmazonThis is the best-selling women’s flip flop on the list. You can find it in several different designs and it has mostly positive comments from customers. They say that they are very comfortable sandals that fit your foot perfectly with use. In addition, they mention that they are comfortable to walk because of the number of straps they have and very good for people with foot problems.

3. Birkenstock

From the renowned brand BirkenstockThese flip flops have also been in fashion for a long time for their comfort and style. It is a unisex model, made entirely of rubber with 2 straps that can be adjusted thanks to its buckles to give more comfort. It is a low-weight and flexible model, with an anti-slip rubber base with an ergonomic shape.

Available in a wide variety of colors, these sandals are highly valued in Amazon and with more than 6,400 reviews. The clients mention of this model that they are flip flops with a good style and comfortable, although they warn that their fit is narrow.

For men

1. Nike

East nike model It has been fashionable in recent summers for its simple design and for being very comfortable. They are low-weight sandals with a comfortable, curved rubber base that supports your foot. Furthermore, they are flexible and allow great mobility.

With over 11,000 reviews on Amazon And available in several different designs, this is the best-selling men’s model on the list. It is well valued by customers, who mention that it is a very comfortable and good quality model, although they recommend asking for one more size if you are not sure, since they have a small fit. Some clients encountered problems with the resistance of their upper band.

2. Reef

In this brand model Reef We found flip flops, but with a more comfortable design. They have a high and curved rubber base that provides support for the arch of the foot, and it has an air chamber in the heel for added comfort. Its upper strap is made of synthetic suede and very wide, to better grip the foot when you walk.

In Amazonhave a current discount of 40% and priced less than $ 40. Customers value this model very well, noting that it is a very comfortable and versatile model, and that its base gradually adjusts to your foot with use. As a fun detail, these sandals have a bottle opener at the bottom, ideal for beer lovers.

3. Adidas

Of the brand AdidasThis is also a flip flop model that has been very fashionable lately. They are made of rubber, with a platform of 0.3 inches high and curved, which adds greater comfort in the support of the foot. You can find this model with the 3 stripes on its upper strip or with the logo of Adidas, in different colors.

For their current 25% discount on Amazon, these flip flops Adidas are the cheapest model for men in the guide. They are priced under $ 20 and are highly valued by customers. They say that they are comfortable, versatile and well-designed flip flops, although they warn that the fit is somewhat small.

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