A delicious and guilt-free snack

Snacks are an important part of the programs of nutrition. Eating light foods made to taste between meals helps to regain the energy that the body expends. However, like any other food it is very important to choose the healthiest and be aware of its caloric content, for this reason today we share 6 snacks low in calories that you can enjoy without feeling guilty.

1. Cereal of big wave organic

It is a low carbohydrate supplement and naturally sweetened It has a mixture of chia and flax seeds that provide a lot of fiber and protein to your daily intake.

This product is an ideal, healthy, low calorie and delicious option that is an important part of a integral diet and safe. This cereal is packed with properties that help speed up metabolism and contribute to weight loss.

2. Almonds low in calories

They are individual bags that have a mix of salted almonds. It is a set of cholesterol-free snacks and each package includes 4 grams of protein to complement your daily diet.

The bags come in a pack with 32 sets that are made with a blend of almonds from premium quality that you can comfortably carry in your bag or glove compartment of your car to enjoy whenever you want.

3. Vegetable sticks from garden

A straws available a single pack of 28 grams made entirely with organic vegetables gluten free and low sodium. This nutritious snack does not increase cholesterol and is completely free of saturated fats.

Each frying contains 30% less fat than traditional potatoes. This product is a great metabolism booster and is also free of any artificial flavoring or preservatives.

4. Sandwiches chocolate cookies

They are low carb chocolate chip cookie snacks made from a mixture of almond flour, coconut oil and natural sweeteners. This product is gluten free and serves as a complement to any diet.

An ideal snack so you can satisfy your craving for eat candies, without compromising your diet or gaining extra calories. Its ingredients give you a feeling of fullness that prevents anxiety attacks and make you feel satisfied until your next meal.

5. Brownie with low calorie sparks

Delicious brownie sandwiches made with dark, organic chocolate to keep and promote a healthy diet. These bars are specially made to help you manage anxiety in a healthy way.

This product is an ideal option if you are looking to satisfy your need and craving for chocolate. It is a complete package of snacks with crisp and superior flavor chips that you can take comfortably at work, at university or just enjoying them while you are at home.

6. Snacks healthy cinnamon roya flavor

It is a box with 10 individual packs of snacks that are made with a mixture of natural sweeteners, rice and quinoa seeds, chia and linen. Each snack features a combination of intense flavors that can satisfy your sweet tooth.

It is a perfect keto complement for speed up metabolism and eat during busy work days. It is a very practical craving that provides many nutrients to your diet.

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