Say goodbye to back pain and work comfortably

Spending long hours sitting in the same position while we work It can cause pain in different areas of our body such as the neck, shoulders and back. There are several methods to alleviate these ailments and one of the most effective is ergonomic cushionsFor this reason, here is a selection that will make your workday more comfortable.

1. Cushion with materials resistant


A piece made with its memory foam Premium quality that responds to body temperature and automatically compresses to fit the seat for comfort and support.

Its design in u shape Provides extra support to prevent injury to the coccyx, hip and back. It is perfect for office chairs, seats, benches or any piece of furniture.

2. Cushion for seat


A cushion that provides additional support to maintain a good sitting posture, one that adapts to the natural curve of the spine. This accessory is responsible for evenly distributing all body weight and removing pressure on the vertebral discs.

It also helps increase your Blood flow as well as avoiding pain in the lower back, preventing muscle fatigue and tension in the legs.

3. Design of memory foam


It is a cushion made with memory foam and covered with a velvet lining equipped with a closure. The bottom part has a non-slip rubber that allows it to stay fixed in one place.

Its ergonomic design takes care of bear the tailbone while also relieving pressure on the spine to provide maximum support, greater comfort and a position adapted to the natural shape of the back.

4. Basis for improving the Balance


A piece designed to convert any chair into an ergonomic seat. Placing this cushion on the seat gives you additional stability, thus strengthening the core of the body and improves posture instantly.

It is a versatile piece that uses a balance disc to allow you to maintain a more natural posture for the spine, better distributing body weight. In this way it prevents possible back pain and allows you to perform exercises that help improve your balance.

5. Cushion orthopedic


It is an ideal memory foam cushion to soothe and prevent pain lower back, hip, and even joint pain. Its U shape allows you to acquire the most suitable position while sitting.

To be ergonomically designed It has a patented shape that adapts to the contours of your body, thus reducing the pressure on your back, coccyx and hips. It is completely washable, breathable and its cover allows a free passage of air.

6. Foam cushion memory foam


An accessory made with high quality memory foam that is very comfortable and takes care of reducing pressure on the part lower back, while helping to maintain proper alignment of the spine.

A cushion that better distributes the weight of your body, since inside it has materials that reduce the pressure that falls on the coccyx, back and sciatica.

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