A tool that will help you always stay in shape

A good training regimen brings great physical benefits, especially if you want to lose weight and improve your figure. As for physical conditioning, few tools are as effective as some dumbbellsThese are an excellent option to tone the body and a great complement to exercise routines designed to help lose weight. For this reason, today we bring you six dumbbells that will allow you to take the first step towards a healthier life.

1. Neoprene weights with framework

It is a kit of five pairs of dumbbells made with molten iron They feature a free weight neoprene lining. Set includes a black colored shelf.

These dumbbells have a shape soft and refined that provides greater comfort and safety when using them. The shelf is a sturdy and practical piece where you can organize them the way you prefer.

2. Dumbbells hexagonal hand

It is a kit with three sets of multifunctional dumbbells that have a neoprene lining that gives you a better grip. The dumbbells have a hexagonal design and three weight levels ranging from 11 to 13 pounds.

Neoprene makes them very easy to grip and gives them a totally non-slip texture. Their size makes them take up little space and makes them very practical to incorporate into routines cardiovascular, muscle strengthening, physical therapy and other workouts.

3. Weight exercise equipment adjustable

They are two adjustable 66-pound weights that include four 5.5-pound plates, four 4.4-pound plates, four 3.3-poles, four 2.8-poles, and two 18.5-pound bars. They are tools made of cement weight They are equipped with an anti-wear and antioxidant iron bar.

They are durable tools with protective layers that will prevent damage to the floor or any other surface where you do the exercises. They are ideal for routines training of any level since they are very comfortable and safe to use.

4. Set of weights coated with Rubber

They are cast iron weights that are rubber coated and they have a steel handle with a non-slip design. They are also equipped with ergonomically designed heads.

They are dumbbells that will provide you comfort and safety regardless of the type of training you do, while making your workout easier. Workout routines. Their design allows them to easily adapt to indoor or outdoor workouts.

5. Weigh with coating vinyl

It is an individual dumbbell that has a lightweight design, soft and compact that makes it very practical. It is made of cast iron and has a vinyl coating that allows a more comfortable, secure and flexible grip.

Its size allows you to take it anywhere and gives you the security that it will not cause any damage or danger. Besides, his protective coating prevent it from damaging or cracking the floor where you are training.

6. Pair of dumbbells vinyl

Are 2 dumbbells 20-pound each made of colorful steel and vinyl-coated plus a non-slip membrane for a safer, smoother grip.

These weights are an ideal option to accompany any workout routine Whether you go jogging, walking, or doing stretching exercises. They are very comfortable and soft tools that will provide you with an excellent exercise routine.

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