The celebration of your fifteenth birthday requires a good decoration

When the date is approaching for you quinces party It is extremely important that you focus on decorating the walls where this important event will be held. These types of details are essential to complement the setting of the party and add a more striking touch to the occasion. If you still haven’t found the one, take a look at all five decorating ideas wall that we show you below.

1. Decoration set with a colorful theme

It is a wall decoration set that includes 5 units with a size of 59 ”x 65” inches, measures that allow it to cover large surfaces. Its design and combination of pink and gray tones adds a very striking style.

Are from easy installation so it won’t take long to put them in place. They will be the decorative pieces that will make the celebration that spectacular moment you always dreamed of.

2. Vertical panels to hang

They are 3 vertical panels that you can easily hang on the main door of the space where the party will take place. Have a printed design with a nice message and different very vivid and feminine colors.

A good idea to make a triumphal entry is to decorate the doors with these panels. A simple piece that will take the decoration to a new level and will allow you to create the right environment for you to shine.

3. Vinyl curtain for photo shoot

It is a curtain that has been printed with patterns full of bright and vivid colors. Its size allows it to be used as a background for a photo set and a complement to the area where the cake will go. Its size is 6.9 x 49 inch and it has posts that allow easier installation.

If you want to take your party decoration to a Upper level But without leaving the family budget, this decorative piece will be a great option. You can complement it with some metallic balloons to give it a more refined touch.

4. Flowery background high resolution

This vinyl background has been designed with images of high resolution with striking details and realistic colors that add a much more elegant touch. It is 72 x 72 inches in size and has an attractive background wine color that makes all decorations stand out.

You can use it for photo backgrounds, decoration of dessert tables or to receive your guests at the reception. It is a really very easy piece of mount and place anywhere in the space where the celebration will take place.

5. Screen with golden sparkles

It is a resistant curtain made of waterproof vinyl that has measures of 59.1 x 4.9 feet that make it perfect to cover large surfaces. The display includes two easy-to-install brackets and has a classic design of golden sparkles.

It is an attractive piece of decoration that will allow you and all your guests to take the best photos to share in the social networks. It is an attractive, resistant and adaptable curtain that you can easily clean and use it on other special occasions such as weddings, christenings or formal dinners.

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