She has beautiful, hair-free legs

The ingrown hairs They are a common condition, especially in people with very thick or curly hair. The main symptom of this disease is the appearance of solid bumps and in the most severe cases these can produce pus-filled blisters. Although these do not produce pain, they are very unpleasant to the touch and sight. For this there are many treatments that allow you to get rid of infected hairs and today we are going to show you some available options.

1. Exfoliating brush with ergonomic handle


A brush designed with a ergonomic grip which makes it very easy to hold as it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. It is simple and convenient to use no matter where the hair is.

A tool that allows you to have smooth and silky skin, since it is designed to eliminate ingrown hairs very easily, without cutting or hurting the skin as razors usually do.

2. Formula for relieve irritation


A product that is responsible for alleviating shaving irritation, soothe the burns produced by the razor and the pain of ingrown hairs.

Its patented formula also helps improve appearance from the skin after removing the hair, while calming the irritation and preventing the future appearance of more ingrown hairs. Its roll on design makes it really very easy to apply on the area where the hair is.

3. Treatment follicular after shave


It is a lotion that cleanses and protects the skin at the same time. Its formula is responsible for preventing rashes on the skin that arise after shaving. The product is also ideal for treating redness, bumps, and annoying ingrown hairs.

Its ingredients help eliminate excess bacteria that are on the skin, while disinfecting, calming, purifying and giving a more rejuvenated appearance to the area where it is applied.

4. Solution for ingrown hairs


Is a unique solution and oil-free that helps end painful cuts from shaving. Its patented formula makes it also a powerful astringent to treat oily skin and acne.

You just need to moisten with cotton and cover the entire area with a thin layer of the product between one and three times per day. You should not rinse the area, in this way the product can act freely on your skin and heal ingrown hairs.

5. Scrub natural body


A essential scrub to smooth the skin before and after shaving which also helps the dermis look much smoother and more radiant for optimal results. Prevents the appearance of ingrown hairs and bumps.

It is a professional formula made mainly with salicylic acid, an ingredient that effectively unclogs your pores, removes dead cells and serves as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is also enriched with rice bran wax that gives it a powerful moisturizing effect.

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