Look like a professional while working from home

Codes work clothes They are regulations that allow us to wear clothing appropriate to our profession and position within the company. And although nowadays when working from home it is common for us to forget a little about these dress codes, when having a videoconference it is necessary that we see ourselves in the best possible way. That is why in this post we will show you the five options of blouses Perfect formal suits to use during work video conferencing from home.

1. Formal blouse with round neck

It is a round neck blouse that features a pleated design matching short sleeves, a curved hem and a delicate neckline in the back area.

Its romantic and feminine details are a good option to maintain seriousness without giving you a too rigid appearance. You can add a jacket or blazer over it to achieve a work attire perfect for every day.

2. Shirt with long sleeves

It is a shirt with cotton fabric Featuring a classic front button design, a chest pocket, a button cuff and a hem to the reverse. It is available in different shades.

It has a classic cut that adapts to any season. This garment can be combined with any skirt at the ankles for a more formal look or worn with your favorite jeans for a more modern and accessible look.

3. Classic design of 3/4 sleeve

It is a blouse made of cotton fabric soft and breathable which is suitable for any weather. It features a lightweight fit design that goes perfectly with its 3/4 sleeves, button closure and tail hem.

It is a garment that you can combine with your favorite tight jeans so that you achieve an appearance that gives you comfort, elegance and practicality at the same time.

4. Chiffon garment with short sleeve

It is a plain pattern chiffon blouse that features short sleeves design woven with lace, a scoop neckline with a low neckline and a loose fit. They come in a wide variety of soft colors that are perfect to wear on a work day.

It is a garment that you can wear with black or plaid pants so that you achieve a feminine and elegant appearance that will make you look like an authentic modern business woman during any video conference that you hold with your colleagues at work.

5. Blouse with floral lace

It is a blouse with a design of floral lace Made of cotton in the upper area and a matching geometric pattern on the front. This goes well with its high neck, short sleeves and loose fit around the torso.

A garment with a classic pattern that is available in various shades so you can find the one that fits your style. It is easy to combine with tight pants and heeled sandals to make you feel safe during any work presentation.

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