A product that will make you feel very fresh throughout the day

When we enjoy a hot shower to relax and disconnect from the outside world, it never hurts to give it a touch of fragrance to our skin to keep that pleasant feeling fresh from the shower for longer. For this there is nothing like a splash with a soft aroma to complement our shower, and here we show you five options that you will love.

1. Splash of daily use

A fragrance created with tropical ingredients like magnolia, rose petals, bergamot and apple. It is available in a comfortable presentation of 75ml.

Its aroma permeates all your skin with a touch very subtle that will completely captivate the sense of smell of everyone around you. You can use it during the day or night to feel very fresh for hours.

2. Fragrance with a tropical scent

It is an amazing fragrance made with a blend of tropical flower petal aromas with some more intense citrus aromas. Its formula contains a touch of aloe vera that is ideal for hydrate your skin while perfuming it.

Its tropical and fresh aromas have the ability to fill your day with energy and security. This fragrance of El Secreto de Victoria It’s a soft perfume that’s just the right size for you to keep in your wallet and wear when you go to college or work.

3. Coconut Passion from Victoria’s Secret

A fragrance that has been created with a combination of vanilla, coconut and lily of the valley to make a delicious aroma that will accompany you for long hours. This fragrance is available in a 250ml presentation.

Just by spraying a little of this fragrance right after the shower, your skin is impregnated with this aroma. sensual and feminine. It will be a perfect complement for those days where you want to keep the feeling of freshly bathed throughout the day.

4. Splash of vanilla concentrated

A sweet fragrance with a strong vanilla aroma that you can spray all over your skin. It is made with a formula that guarantees a subtle and sweet smell on your skin that will last for hours.

Sweet scents are always a great option in any season of the year and with this splash you will have the opportunity to enjoy it whenever you want. You will feel very fresh and you will be the focus of attention in any meeting.

5. Velvet Petals long-lasting

This splash comes in a bottle of 250 milliliters that keeps a long-lasting formula inside. The perfume features a blend of almond notes with some hints of sandalwood.

It will impregnate your skin with a perfume very warm It is ideal for use on special occasions where you want to be the center of attention and complement your casual look with a very chic aroma that reinforces your femininity.

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