A way to repair your hair by yourself

Wear a hair Healthy goes hand in hand with a good diet, an abundant consumption of water and try to expose it as little as possible to treatments with heat or dyes. This type of habit is a good way to avoid problems such as dryness, weakness, dehydration and lack of shine on the scalp. However, it never hurts to do a treatment that allows you to show off more beautiful hair, for this reason today we present five face masks with natural ingredients that you can use at home.

1. Hair treatment with Argan oil

A conditioning mask that is formulated with argan essential oil, an ingredient that provides many nutrients and vitamins to provide deep hydration to your hair in just five minutes.

Its natural components quickly penetrate the hair structure, managing to repair the damaged tips and recover the shine that the scalp lost due to overexposure to UV rays.

2. Restorative formula with keratin

A treatment made with keratin, argan oil, herbal extracts and Vitamin E that help repair, nourish and strengthen the strands of the scalp. It is a perfect product for curly and straight hair.

The nutrients in this product work to thicken hair fibers and give them much more flexibility. A treatment designed to prevent split ends and the damages produced by the heat emitted by the dryer and the iron.

3. Moisturizing mask with protein

It is an intensive protein treatment mainly made with extracts of natural plants They deeply penetrate the hair cuticle to repair damaged hair, improve its elastic qualities and add a more natural shine.

It is designed to hydrate hair treated by strong chemicals or over exposed to high temperatures. Just apply it once a week after shampooing to sport a mane shiny and silky.

4. Treatment with olive oil

A hydrating mask formulated with natural extracts of olive oil and sweet almonds, two ingredients that combined are essential to hydrate and strengthen hair from the roots.

An intensive treatment that you can use once a week so that its nutrients penetrate the cuticles and rehabilitate the fibers of the scalp. In this way, you can show off a hair shiny and silky.

5. Repair mask with Argan oil

A creamy textured mask that is made with argan oil, an ingredient that provides fatty acids They help repair and hydrate the fibers of the straight and curly scalp.

It also offers a dose of protein that retains moisture and gives your hair a much more vivid color and provides a nutrient booster that helps your hair follicles regain elasticity and natural strength.

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