Extend the life of your furniture in a simple and economical way

The sofas and furniture in our home are exposed to any series of elements that can damage them, such as liquids, dust, food debris or even the hair of our pets. Fortunately, there are those sofa protectorsThese are made with fabrics designed to protect the furniture and add a more distinguished touch to the decoration of our living room. Thinking about it, here we present 5 designs that will help prolong the useful life of your furniture.

1. Velvet protector anti-slip

It is a luxury protective case made of velvet Coated with a non-slip layer that is soft to the touch and provides thick padding for much more comfort. It has a sturdy backrest and two elastic adjustment straps.

This piece is highly resistant and elegant, it also provides a wide cover, comfortable and soft where you can rest quietly while you are at home. It is an easy cover to clean and install since it adapts to most furniture.

2. Elastic cover with print

It is a cover that has a luxurious, resistant design and with a modern print that adds a lot of personality to the decoration of any space. It is made with polyester and spandex that provide a comfortable, safe and smooth surface to rest on.

This sofa protector will help you prevent stains, spills and damage caused by children and pets. It is a high quality element with foam resistance that will help keep your living room furniture protected and looking amazing.

3. Anti cover scratches

It is an economical sofa protector that is made in vinyl plastic Transparent, durable and resistant thickness that keeps your furniture protected from scratches, stains, spills, dirt and contaminating particles.

This simple design case is enough comfortable so you can enjoy television, eat and even rest for hours, feeling very confident that your sofa will be safe from any type of dirt or damage.

4. Protector for sofas padded texture

Easy-Going sofa cover is one piece affordable and luxurious It measures about 66 inches and is made with quilted texture polyester that is also waterproof. It is a reversible piece that has two perfect colors to combine with the rest of your home decoration.

This product includes two foam tubes that give you a greater stability. It is an ideal option to protect furniture from wear, spills and stains, while making the sofa a more comfortable space to spend a quiet day.

5. Case reversible blue stone color

It is an inexpensive reversible cover in beige and blue stone that is made of synthetic cotton Textured with elastic straps that guarantee a better fit. It adapts easily and has a style that matches any decoration.

This is a beautiful sofa protector It will add a lot of style and a modern look to your living room furniture, and its design makes it very easy to put on and take off.

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