An indispensable device to prevent fires

A smoke detector It is a device with an integrated alarm that has been designed to activate when detecting the presence of smoke in the air. This emit a generally audible signal, which warns of the danger of fire and some are even directly connected to the local fire station. There are a wide variety of them, but this time we show you some of the options that you can install easily by yourself.

1. Smoke detector and carbon monoxide


It is an alarm that combines a smoke detector and carbon monoxide, this device has dual sensors to detect both emissions within the room where it is placed. Minimizes the possibility of false alarms produced by kitchen smoke or steam from showers.

It has an advanced electrochemical sensor that detects carbon monoxide leaks from multiple sources. It also works with batteries, so it can install easily without having to be near an electrical source.

2. Detection system fire


This smoke alarm and fire alarm runs on batteriesThus, it does not require a complex electrical installation. It is respectful with the environment since its design does not emit odor, radiation or any other polluting substance.

It works with photoelectric technology, in this way the detection is faster based on the light and intensity of its patterns. It includes an automatic adjustment and a compact design that does not hinder inside the home.

3. Alarm with talking


This is a voice alarm that announces the type of danger detectedThus, it offers the opportunity to make the most adequate forecasts for each particular case. It has a system that allows you to detect carbon monoxide and smoke emissions in one device.

its practical design reduces installation time and does not clash with the decoration of your home. Its battery provides additional protection, even during power failures.

4. Protector second generation against smoke


It is a device that is responsible for identifying fast-burning fires, burning fires and emissions of carbon monoxide within the space where it is installed. Detecting a fire activates a voice call that you can silence from a mobile device.

An excellent option to keep your family and property safe. Every time it detects the presence of a possible fire, the alarm sends a signal to your telephone so you can be aware no matter where you are.

5. Detector with digital screen


An alarm that has been designed to detect smoke and carbon monoxide threats immediately. Count with one electrochemical sensor high precision and a photoelectric sensor that together are responsible for minimizing the possibility of false alarms.

This unit you can install easily in any room or outdoor space in your house without the need for tools or electrical installations. Its LCD screen allows you to read quickly and accurately.

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