To prepare delicious homemade soups

An excellent way to show love to our family, is by sharing a delicious homemade dish. An excellent option is meals prepared at low temperatures such as soups and stews which are one of the most homemade and comforting foods of all, as well as being very healthy. To prepare these dishes you need to have the right kitchen utensils, for this reason today we show you some options of slow cookers.

1. Manual pot oval

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It is a pot designed with a container with capacity to hold up to 6 quarts, this makes it ideal for preparations that make seven or more diners. It has temperature settings for high and low cooking.

The container is completely removable, in this way it is easier to use and gives you the possibility of taking the dish directly to table. It also has a closure that allows your meals to remain hot until served.

2. Utensil multifunction premium quality


It is a programmable pressure cooker that has technology of Last generation. It is made of stainless steel that makes it extremely resistant and allows you to use it both indoors and outdoors.

With it you can prepare healthy and nutritious food in a way consistent and professional. The device includes fourteen built-in smart programs that allow you to make everything from soups to homemade yogurt.

3. Programmable pot stainless steel


It has a size that allows it to adapt to kitchens with reduced space. It is ideal to feed up to ten people, which makes it an ideal tool for very large families.

Its high-tech system allows you to prepare slow cooker, pressure cooker and even steamed preparations. It has a hermetic closure on the lid that keeps all the flavors inside and makes it safer to use.

4. Pot of slow cook


It is a slow cooker that holds six quarts. It is equipped with a solid glass that allows you a comfortable visualization of what you are preparing, without risking the loss of temperature.

It has the ability to program up to twenty-four hours on your digital screen, this gives you the opportunity to light the pot Before leaving for work and upon returning home, you just need to serve and enjoy a delicious homemade soup.

5. System slow cooker with five settings


An option that allows you to make home cooking in a very easy way since you only need to add the ingredients, select a temperature and cooking time.

The device includes a glass cover and a detachable power cord, as well as an insulated travel bag that keeps the hot meal up to two hours.

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