The ideal footwear to add a couple of centimeters to your height

The shoes They are the favorite accessory of every woman since in addition to complementing the outfits, they are pieces that make style and create the difference according to your preferences. We can find a wide variety of styles with designs that adapt very well for sports, going to a party or using them daily. There is a type of footwear whose design helps you to look highest, and here we present five of them.

1. Shoes with zipper and platform


These shoes have been designed with a hidden wedge heel that has a very soft upper and zippers to the sides. They offer a loose, relaxed look that looks great in a casual look.

Ideal to combine with your favorite pants or jeans. Their design makes them perfect for you to use them in classes, at work, to go out with friends or go shopping.

2. Patent heel for elegant style


These are elegant high-heeled sneakers which feature a slim silhouette and a fine toe that accentuates its elegance at every step. For its part, the rubber sole provides additional stability.

It is a classic, feminine and elegant design par excellence that in addition to giving you a little more height, make look fabulous no matter the occasion.

3. Boots modern design


It is a bold twist on the classic Dr. Martens Chelsea boot with all the durability and comfort of the original design. This new design features a heel of platform enhancer which adds a more feminine and resistant appearance.

An option that is ideal for any time of the year and for any formal or informal occasion. In addition to giving you comfort at every step, they slightly increase your height so that you can show off more defined and sexy legs.

4. Tennis round toe


These platforms are not only a way to increase your height by a few centimeters, they are also extremely comfortable shoes, modern and elegant that easily adapt to any style. Its classic white color makes them very easy to combine.

Ideal to withstand daily wear and at the same time keep that relaxed, informal and youthful style that allows you to feel comfortable at all times. Perfect to combine with any pair of casual style jeans or shorts.

5. Flat sandals with cork sole


Some beautiful flat sandals that feature cork sole, a braided jute trim and thick sports straps for a better fit. A very comfortable shoe option that gives you stability and a little height.

Its fashionable, fresh and feminine design make them look amazing with skirts, dresses, pants or any of your most stylish clothes. informal. A pair designed so you can wear it daily, especially on the hottest days of the summer.

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