A sexy, molded figure in seconds

The girdles They are an excellent option to obtain a sexy and defined figure in seconds. In the current market there are designs that help to mark the waist, leaving an attractive figure of Hourglass which is perfect to highlight the attributes of women. So here we have chosen some designs that will help you look amazing with any outfit.

1. Corset sports latex

A garment made with latex fabric that has a sporty design that adapts easily to any occasion. Its design includes three large hooks and widths that allow the perfect fit.

This waist sash also helps you to improve posture thanks to its flexible and durable materials that adapt easily to the shape of your body. It can be used for yoga and during the postpartum recovery process.

2. Shaping garment in black color

This girdle has been made with a double layer of high compression that allows you to keep everything in place. It is a garment comfortable and light that allows a tight compression to the body, without compromising mobility or comfort.

It comes in black and beige colors, and its shape helps you reduce inches from your waist so that you can wear a slimmer and more stylized figure. This girdle gives additional support to correct your posture.

3. Girdle slimming sport type

A low cut girdle that is designed to shape the tummy and belly. Its design makes it ideal for use while doing sports activities and its belt-type fit allows you to create the hourglass figure. It is made of wetsuit and latex reinforced with breathable mesh.

This training garment has a flexible design that helps reduce measurements while allowing total freedom of movement. Comes with a closure waistband adjustable velcro which provides firmer compression.

4. Corset latex

A garment made from a blend of soft cotton, spandex, latex, nylon and lycra for an easy fit. Comes with a system three hooks They help firmer compression and further define your body’s natural curves.

This girdle comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your style. Choose the desired style silhouette Hourglass and she looks amazing with any outfit.

5. Type design belt

A belt type belt made with neoprene, latex and elastic, which make it a flexible and very versatile garment. It comes equipped with two sets of adjustable velcro straps that provide a strong support and comfortable throughout the abdominal area.

This belt has as its main function shrink and shrink waist size, define your curves, correct posture, flatten the abdomen, speed up metabolism, give additional support to the lower back, protect and prevent injuries during workouts.

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