Now Zoom is one of the most popular video conference applications in various countries, including Indonesia. This application makes it easy for users to meet face to face with many people online. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom was widely used to study from home, work from home, seminars, reunions, and much more. Thanks to the efficient bandwidth and able to accommodate many people, Zoom has finally become the choice of many people.

Despite being one of the favorite video conferencing applications, but there are certainly some users who experience problems in Zoom, one of which is the absence of sound when users meet and face to face.

Of course, these problems will be very annoying, especially if they arise suddenly and make the conference be disrupted so that you can not do the activities as they should.

For that, I will reveal some facts why Zoom can be no sound when used by users on PCs, laptops, smartphones, or other mobile devices.

5 Causes Why Zoom Has No Sound

1. Application bugs

Zoom in Login

Sometimes if the Zoom application is often used for daily activities that involve several meetings or conferences, it will present certain bugs that make the conversation sound disappear. For that, you should restart the Zoom application and log back in the meeting or conference room that was previously being followed.

2. The operating system has a problem

Windows 10 Laptop Wallpaper Right Click

But if the restart still causes problems, then most likely the sound is lost because the operating system Windows, MacOS, Android, or iOS is not in good condition so that it removes the audio connection from the speakers and earphones to the Zoom application.

For that, I suggest you to restart the PC, laptop, MacBook, or smartphone that is being used. Usually, the system will improve again if it has restarted and the sound will be connected to the Zoom application.

3. Activate the Automatic Audio Join feature

Zoom Join Audio Tutorial

One of the factors that make no sound in Zoom because the Join Audio feature is not activated automatically. In other words, you must press the Join Audio button every time you enter a video meeting or conference in the Zoom application.

But sometimes you forget to press the Join Audio button so that the sound does not appear when you are in a conference. For that, I suggest that you should enable the Automatically Join Audio feature found in the Settings menu in the Zoom application.

4. Turn Mute off in Meeting

Zoom Tutorial

Usually, the Host will activate the Mute feature for all attendees so that the speaker’s voice can be heard in focus and not be disturbed by others. You automatically have to turn off the Mute feature in the lower left part of the application so that the voice can be heard by others while speaking in front of the Zoom participant.

5. Speaker or Headset has a problem

ROG Cetra EarNot only the Zoom application, sometimes speakers from PCs, laptops, or smartphones can be suddenly damaged so that Zoom makes no sound at all. For that, you can try checking the speaker several times to make sure it is broken or not.

If the speaker is damaged, you can use an external speaker or headset to listen to the conversation in the Zoom application. But you also have to still make sure that the Headset that is used is not problematic so that the conversation sound in the Zoom application is heard.

You could say there are many factors that cause no noise in Zoom. For that, you have to do a few checks to find out the problems encountered and can handle them correctly. But if you know of other causes, then you can write a comment below.