A delicious drink full of benefits for your body

Protein is an essential micronutrient to maintain normal body function. In many diets for lose weight, its daily consumption is recommended since it is vital for muscle recovery and also provides a feeling of fullness that helps control cravings. One of the best ways to consume this nutrient is with protein shakes like the ones shown below.

1. Protein shake loaded with vitamins

A low-fat protein shake that is rich in essential amino acids, calories, vitamins and minerals. Is available in four flavors different as they are chocolate, caramel, vanilla and cookies with cream.

Its daily consumption helps to maintain good health of the organism. You can mix them with your favorite fruits or add it to cereals to get a breakfast that will fill you with energy and allow you to give 100%.

2. Drink rich in protein and fiber

A mix with 30 grams of proteins very rich in minerals, fiber and sugars that will help you get a nutritional boost so that you maintain additional energy. Package includes 12 chocolate flavored bottles.

You can use it as a food substitute or as a booster drink for your daily workouts. This formula allows your body to conserve the nutrients you need to strengthen your muscles and burn body fat.

3. Mix with pure proteins

It is a shake formulated with 30 grams of proteins that are supplemented with carbohydrates and 11 additional ingredients that provide a delicious flavor. The pack includes four units.

Eating protein helps reduce body fat, facilitates weight loss and increases muscle mass. By consuming them daily, it also helps control cravings or hunger attacks.

4. Smoothie protein flavor chocolate

A drink with proteins, minerals, eight vitamins and a combination of ingredients that help stabilize your sugar levels. In addition to a rich chocolate flavor, this product provides the nutrition your body needs to function at its best.

If you want to extend the flavor experience and increase your daily protein intake at the same time, you can mix it with your favorite fruit and create a succulent smoothie. A product that stimulates fat burning and increases the muscle mass.

5. Shake with b12 vitamin

A plant-based protein drink and chocolate truffles that are extremely rich in b12 vitamin that give you a healthy energy boost. The package includes 12 units.

Its ingredients promote the regeneration of muscle tissues and allow you to keep the organism health. Its daily consumption provides you with all the proteins that the body needs to avoid fatigue and reduce cravings.

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