Distracting ourselves a little can reduce stress from working around the house.

For many people, staying home because of the Coronavirus has meant working for the first time from home.

Although for some people this may seem ideal for others it can be complicated and a big change in routine. In addition, without realizing it, you can increase the levels of stress and anxiety, feeling a little vulnerable in this new work reality.

Looking for alternatives within the routine such as using different products or articles can help us relieve stress while we work at home.

1. Medized: Neck Support Pad

Medized inflatable neck traction device. The best neck traction device developed for easy, fast and comfortable home neck traction procedures. Helps with neck, shoulder or head pain, herniated, compressed or bulging discs and cervical spasms.

2. Papillon: Back and neck massager

Relieves pain and muscle tension: The neck and back massager is ergonomically designed to blend with the contours of different parts of the body. Multifunctional Shiatsu Massage Pillow – The Shiatsu massager has 3 adjustable speeds allowing you to get the right amount of pressure to ease your muscle pain.

3. Body Back: Head massager to relieve stress

Soothing massage for the head and scalp. No tangle: 12 rubber tips gently massage without getting tangled or scratched. It promotes the well-being of the scalp and increases circulation.

4. Snailax: Foot Warmer and Massager

The Snailax foot warmer can be used as a massager. Gentle vibration massage along with heat treatment helps relieve stiffness, cramps, and muscle pain in the lower back.

5. Anbo: Anti Stress Ball

Create an optical illusion and relieve stress.

Having pleasant products at home allows you to work properly and improve daily tension.