Clean your devices without fear of scratches

The screens of the electronics devices They can get dirty quickly as they are exposed to dirt, germs, traces of sweat and many more elements. To clean them it is important to be careful, because they are very delicate surfaces and if they are not treated properly, they can suffer irreparable damage. So we have taken the time to put together a variety of very economic to give the screens of your electronic devices the treatment they deserve.

1. Cleaning kit with microfiber cloth

A cleaning kit that includes a microfiber cloth to prevent scratches on the screen and a 16-ounce bottle containing one special formula for deep cleaning.

You can use it on the screens of your television, computer, smartphone, laptop and tablet. You just need to spray a little product and spread it evenly on the surface to get dazzling results.

2. Formula in aerosol 100% natural

An exclusive cleaning formula for electronic equipment that is made from biodegradable ingredients extracted from plants. Safe to use on screens LCD and LED and includes a pair of microfiber wipes that have a very smooth texture.

You can remove any dust and dirt particles without scratching the surface, as well as absorbing the oil left by the fingers and disappearing the stains. The product is free of toxic chemical ingredients that can spoil your electronic devices.

3. Handkerchiefs with formula disinfectant

They are wet wipes impregnated with a formula free of alcohol and ammonia It is ideal for safely cleaning the screens of your electronic devices.

You can disappear in seconds any traces of dirt located on the computer screen, television and even your smartph1. The proprietary formula is ideal for removing dust, oils and fingerprints.

4. Towels wet multipurpose

They are pre-moistened wipes with a high-tech formula capable of cleaning delicate surfaces without leaving marks or greasy residues. It comes in a pack that includes 3 units of 150 wipes.

You can use it to clean from your computer monitor to your phone screen, without fear of scratches. They are perfect for carry them in your purse or glove compartment of your car.

5. Spray for electronic devices

It is a 16 ounce spray that contains a formula antistatic designed to clean the screens of a wide variety of technological equipment. Includes a microfiber towel that will allow you to spread the product in a smooth and neat way.

It will help you to remove traces of dirt from your screen fingerprints, traces of dust and oils that the skin secretes to leave the screen with a shiny and shiny appearance.

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