A tool to keep fit inside your house

Just because we have to spend more time at home doesn’t mean we should neglect or let our guard down regarding our regimes for lose weight. On the contrary, it is at these times when we have to motivate ourselves more and look for different alternatives to continue exercising. An excellent idea to achieve this is to have a pedal machineFor this reason, today we present you some options for less than $ 100.

1. Pedals for legs and arms

It is a pedal system built with an LCD screen that allows you to follow the progress of each workout. It is a piece completely foldingCompact and easy to store in any room.

A machine that adjusts your level of resistance and intensity, you can also easily adapt it as you progress. Its patented design allows you to exercise both your legs and arms.

2. Exercise machine with LCD screen

It is a modern, compact and small machine that you can have in your office or home. It has been designed to be easy to set up and also its pedals are covered with a non-slip material with ergonomic handles.

Its installation is very simpletherefore you will have much more time to train with it. It will be a great ally to exercise, increase your blood circulation and improve your resistance.

3. Bicycle pedals portable

It is a pedal machine with a light and compact design. It has LCD screen allows you to view data such as time, relative distance, and calories burned during your workout.

It is very practical to use and you can easily fit it while you work or do you watch television. A machine that easily adjusts to any space and that will accompany you in each of the stages of your weight loss process.

4. Pedal board with structure resistant

A machine built with stainless steel Durable with a polished finish that adds much more shine. Its structure guarantees stability on any surface and its pedals can be used to comfortably exercise your arms or legs.

It will be a great alternative for stay active and lose weight as it allows you to exercise efficiently while doing other activities such as reading, working or studying.

5. Machine with pads non-slip

A bicycle pedal machine that is equipped with a multifunctional LCD screen that allows precise monitoring of the entire exercise routine. It is equipped with non-slip rubber pads for a fit safe and comfortable.

Its design is light and foldable, making it a perfect machine for transport it easily and exercise in any space you want. In addition, you can adjust resistance levels to design more demanding exercise routines as you go.

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