A perfect tool to lose weight without leaving home

Now that we must spend much more time in House, it is important to be able to adapt certain aspects of our routine to be able to continue with our normal rhythm of life. An important part is to find a way to continue with our physical activity, since it gives us multiple benefits to our health and is a good way to maintain our state of mind. Thinking about it, today we bring you five pedal machines They are perfect for you to continue training while you are at home.

1. Exercise system convertible

A product that has 8 levels of resistance and has a portable design that is made with a strong structure that allows it to withstand up to 222 pounds of weight. It has an LCD screen that gives you all the most relevant data regarding your training.

Its pedals are convertible and designed for power easily adapt Both the shape of your feet and the shape of your hands, this allows you to perform routines to increase your resistance and tone your legs and arms with a single machine.

2. Pedals for arms and legs

It is a machine built with a stainless steel body and a chrome frame that provides greater resistance. The structure is endowed with a non-slip rubber to guarantee more security and better stability on any surface.

One of its qualities is that the equipment comes pre-assembled, this gives you the ease of just moving it to the room where you are going to be and start training. A perfect machine to perform routines cardiovascular and tone arms and legs.

3. Elliptical bidirectional motion

A structure made of strong steel It has anti-slip pedals which provide greater stability and security. Its system allows you to work with bidirectional movement that allows free movement back and forth, without the need for any additional adjustment.

It is designed to simulate the movements you make when walking. In addition, its design provides a smooth movement that strengthens your arms or legs and stimulates the burning of calories to give you the experience of a full workout without leaving home.

4. Portable pedal board and silent

It is a pedal machine with 8 resistance levels that allow you to adjust the training routine as you progress. Its training system is smooth and silent, and gives you the opportunity to exercise at any time, having the complete assurance that you will not disturb anyone while you do it.

It has a LCD screen which provides a more accurate display of training results. Its compact design gives you the possibility to burn calories, increase your resistance and tone your legs and arms at the same time.

5. Machine resistance with electronic display

A machine built with a strong steel base that provides excellent stability on any surface. It is equipped with an adjustable velcro strap on the pedals and a electronic monitor It shows speed, workout time, distance traveled and calories burned.

It has been designed to provide a very complete cardiovascular exercise that increases your resistance and strengthens muscles. Its compact size allows you to use it comfortably while watching TV, working or reading your favorite book.

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