Feel fresh and scented throughout the day

We all like the idea of ​​having a fragrance with which we feel identified and that also lasts for several hours on our body. The body spray They are an excellent way to preserve that perfume with which we feel so identified and that its fragrance lasts on our skin. So here we recommend five body spray with men’s fragrances that are available at fairly affordable prices.

1. Deodorant bodily

AX brand deodorants are one of the most requested by gentlemen worldwide due to their long-lasting formulas and variety of fragrances. These come in their characteristic presentation of black color with a high quality spray type design.

These antiperspirants have a sweet aroma thanks to their intense notes of super fresh amber and their lemon base that provides total protection up to 48 hours continuous.

2. Aromatic herbs in spray by Kenneth Cole

A body spray made from herbs and strong and woody spices that result in a sensual aroma that reflects elegance and style. The bottle is made with a minimalist and very practical design.

Black-Kenneth Cole is such a fragrance male and modern that will become the ideal complement to use in work meetings or formal parties. An intense fragrance that has been manufactured so that it can last for many hours, making you always feel fresh and renewed.

3. Scented perfume candy

This Nautica Voyage spray has been made with notes of cardamom and sandalwood that promote an aroma fresh and sweet. It comes in a sturdy container that contains 170 grams of fragrance.

Enjoy a good aroma that will keep you fresh during all day. It is ideal for men with a hectic lifestyle and who like to carry that feeling of fresh from the shower with them for longer.

4. Fragrance with essence mannered

This brand body spray Adidas It is easily identifiable by the woody olfactory notes that compose it. The fragrance is designed for the man who likes aromas that denote style and elegance.

It is an aroma sole male that you can use from the moment you leave home and continue to feel that feeling of freshness for the rest of the day. It comes with a spray mechanism that allows a direct application in the desired area without any type of waste.

5. BOD Man in spray

It is a totally ideal fragrance for modern man who leads an active lifestyle. The product is available in a container type aerosol which makes its application very easy.

Enjoy a robust and characterful fragrance for many hours without sweat or water ruining your style. Bod Man is a fragrance that keep cool and with a manly aroma that will accompany you until the end of the day.

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