The tool to breathe easy again

The nasal washes They are an important ritual to remove excess mucus that accumulates daily and are designed to protect the body from contaminating agents such as dust. It is important to do them frequently in order to breathe better and prevent complications. And so you can do it safely, today we bring you five nasal sprays that are available at really affordable prices.

1. Treatment decongestant and hydrating

It is a set of nasal sprays made with natural ingredients from the ocean that help clear the nose completely. The formula contains a total of 0.65% sodium chloride and other preservatives for better action.

This Saline solution Helps soften dry nasal passages, relaxes the membranes, reduces the feeling of dryness and is efficient in preventing allergies caused by external agents such as dust or pollen.

2. Spray nasal with fog technology

It is a spray that provides quick relief to nasal cavities and sinus pressure. It is a really easy to use device, in addition the nozzle is equipped with concentrated steam technology that allows a better distribution of the mixture.

It is a powerful decongestant of the nasal passages that even helps to drain all the phlegm or mucus that have been lodged inside the nostrils for a long time. The product gives you relief that lasts for up to 12 hours continuous.

3. Atomizer no drip

This atomizer has a patented design anti drip It has an extra hydrating formula that works in the nasal cavities for up to 12 continuous hours. It is designed to provide immediate relief to noses irritated by colds or allergies.

It is a nasal decongestant pump that works instantly to provide relief. This hydrating nose spray soothes dry nasal passages. The product is recommended to be used in children older than 6 years.

4. Decongestant portable

A nasal decongestant designed to treat sinus pressure and swollen nasal membranes. Its long-lasting formula lasts up to 12 hours giving lasting relief that clears the nasal cavities so you can breathe less easily.

This treatment is ideal to cure colds and allergies since it acts directly on the infection that mainly affects the internal areas of smell. A tool designed so you can enjoy completely clear nostrils.

5. Spray with xylitol

Xlear is a natural spray Mainly made with xylitol, an ingredient that cleanses and hydrates the nostrils and relieves dryness caused by external contaminants.

Normal saline nasal sprays can dry out the nasal passage, really leaving it more irritated and susceptible to external pollutants. Xlear’s proprietary formula provides instant, natural relief that frees your nostrils of excess mucus.

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