Xiaomi may not have been launched long ago system interface newest, MIUI 11. However, there have been many cool themes that can be used to change the system interface to be more varied.

The MIUI 11 interface was introduced by Xiaomi in conjunction with the launch of the series Redmi Note 8 in October 2019. This new system brings several superior features built on the Android operating system.

With MIUI 11 some of the superior features brought by Xiaomi. It includes dark mode support, unlocks by voice command, app drawer to Always-On display.

Now in addition to these reliable support, MIUI 11 also has theme support that can be used by users to change the appearance of the system according to their preferences.

For those of you who don’t have a favorite theme, here are some recommended themes that can be installed on MIUI 11 with a cool and not boring look.

List of cool MIUI 11 themes

1. PixPie Dark

MIUI 11 Cool Theme - Pixpie

The first MIUI 11 theme that has a cool look is PixPie Dark. This new theme developed for MIUI 11 offers a combined experience between the display interface of Google Pixel and Material Design.

This theme can be downloaded via the following page.

2. OS 13 Dual_DWM4

Cool MIUI 11 Theme - iOS 13

This second theme is perfect for those of you who crave iPhone devices but have not yet accomplished. By using this theme, you can change the look of MIUI 11 to look like Apple’s iOS 13 display.

This theme can be downloaded via this Theme Store page.

3. Madou Time is Cute

MIUI 11 Cool Theme - Madou Time is Cute

Furthermore, you can install Madou Time is Cute as a new theme in MIUI 11. As the name suggests, this theme will give a funny impression on a smartphone because it looks made with a cartoon design that is quite thick.

You can download this theme through the Theme Store on the following page.

4. Pupu Heap Music

MIUI 11 Cool Theme - Pupu Heap Music

This theme can also be chosen by users who want to create a funny impression on the smartphone they use. Just like the previous theme, Pupu Heap Music brings the impression of a simple cartoon in its makeup.

You can also get this theme through the page This Theme Store.

5. Red and Black Custom Signature

MIUI 11 Cool Theme - Red and Black Custom Signature

You who need a dark theme can choose this Red and Black Signature Custom theme. This theme brings a predominantly black appearance with red accents in the form of simple lines. You can directly download it via this Theme Store link.

The five themes above are some of the MIUI 11 themes that can change the appearance of smartphones to be cooler. As an important note, change the smartphone region to India and search for the theme by name if the above link cannot be opened.