Exclusive pieces to look beautiful at all times

In this stage of confinement we will spend much more time at homeBut this does not mean that we have to neglect our appearance. Many psychologists recommend grooming from head to toe to maintain optimism, productivity and maintain healthy self-esteem. So this time we show you some minimalist accessories so you can look amazing while staying home.

1. Earrings bright silver

They are two stud earrings that feature a cubic zirconia plated in sterling silver. They are designed with a rose gold body that gives it a classic style that helps them excel at a glance.

Perfect to complement any outfit with a casual style. Your quality materials do not wear out They do not leave rust stains on your skin, so you can use them every day to give a little shine to your look.

2. Pendant with charm personalized

A delicate handmade necklace that is totally gold plated 14 karat. The chain length is 13.8 inches and features a fully customizable small heart charm.

It will be a perfect accessory to complement your outfit, because it has an easy look to combine and will make you look very feminine. A very simple piece of jewelry that maintains an excellent relationship price and quality.

3. Necklace to attract good luck

It is a necklace made with totally materials stainless and of high quality. The piece consists of a chain of a long length that easily adjusts to the neck.

His charm lotus flower It is a powerful symbol that will attract good luck, love and health. They will keep you spiritually connected so that your days are filled with positive energy.

4. Bracelet gold plated

A 14 karat gold plated bracelet that has been designed with a pink color scheme, gold and blue that add a lot of style. Each of its details make it a unique piece that will not go unnoticed.

If you want to look more groomed but without having to make a lot of effort, this bracelet is the perfect accessory to achieve it. its minimalist design It is perfect to easily combine with any of your favorite outfits.

5. Minimalist ring with 925 sterling silver

A ring made with 925 sterling silver and decorated with sapphires adjusted to gold studs that make them much more showy. Its minimalist design gives it a very delicate and elegant that easily adapts to any occasion.

A ring very comfortable that you can use while you are at home or to enjoy an outing with your best friends. Its small stones and details make it very striking.

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