Supplements to keep your health and wellness strengthened

The iron It is a mineral responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs to the entire body through the blood. Also, it is a compound of vital importance for the development and functioning of the immune system since it stimulates the production of immune cells. It is for this reason that today we present some supplements of iron that you can include in your daily diet.

1. Iron reinforcement natural

It is a supplement made to be consumed daily. It is made with natural ingredients that add 65mg of additional iron to your daily diet, this is a great help to Red blood cells to transport much more oxygen, which is what the body requires.

They are tablets easy to swallow They will give you the additional support that your immune system requires to better combat conditions such as colds, allergies and infections.

2. Complex multivitamin rich in iron

It is a presentation with 30 capsules that provide an additional 22 mg of iron to your daily diet. It is a completely vegan supplement rich in vitamins C and B12, folates, probiotics and enzymes very beneficial for your digestive system.

This product helps to increase the production of digestive enzymes for improve absorption of the nutrients that come from food, while stimulating the production of more red blood cells.

3. Supplement pediatric with sweet flavor

A supplement formulated to be able to be administered safely even to children under 4 years of age. Contains a strong dose of liquid iron It is perfect for strengthening your defenses and strengthening the functions of your constantly developing immune system.

It has a pleasant taste of grape and raspberry that your little one will love. It is an ideal supplement for your child to grow up healthy, strong and without any deficiency of minerals and nutrients in his body.

4. Capsules chewable grape flavor

They are chewable capsules that contain 45 milligrams of iron and vitamin C. Each capsule has a pleasant grape flavor and are very easy to chew, they are also made with natural gluten-free ingredients and have no added sugars.

This supplement will support the absorption of iron and will remove toxins to protect the cells of the body. It will also fill you with energy and complement your daily iron intake so you can enjoy a better state of health.

5. Iron tablets High power

A natural supplement and sugarfree It is made with a high iron formula that is digested and quickly absorbed by the body. It comes in a presentation with 21 tablets that are easy to swallow.

This product is your best ally for keep stable your iron and mineral levels throughout the body. This product contains the right dose to promote the proper functioning of your immune system.

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