Because mom deserves the celebration of this special day!

After quarantine, we are adapting to a new life routine. The days pass differently and the sense of time has become blurred. Sometimes we even forget what day of the week it is. Although the past months felt longer, May has arrived, and with it, one of the most important celebrations, Mother’s Day.

If you are one of those who get essential household items, wash their hands or decide who will go shopping for food, you have thought about how to honor mom Boss Revolution He thought of you and shares several ideas to celebrate one of the most important human beings in our lives. May 10 is just around the corner and these five tips will help you make Mom feel special in her day.

1. Send him a card of celebration:

This detail is a classic with which you will go safely. You can create a virtual card if you do not want to expose yourself to contact with others or send it by mail. Now that everyone is home, and they have more time, it could be a good activity to do with the little ones. No matter which option you feel comfortable with, the significant thing is that you let Mom know how special she is to you or yours.

2. Free her from the kitchen by sending her a dinner from her favorite restaurant:

Many of the food establishments are making home deliveries following the necessary sanitary measures. Not only will you go into great detail for Mom, you will also give your support to local restaurants that have been directly affected by the current crisis.

3. Create a family video that will brighten your day:

Mom will be happy to see the family. You can do it alone or coordinate with several members of your family so that each one records a part. With this idea, which is also very fashionable on social networks, you can even get extra money for yourself and for mom now that it is most needed. If you decide on this option, and you dare to share it through Facebook, tag @BOSSRevolution until May 10 and you could win $ 200, $ 100 for mom and $ 100 for you!

To make your videos more fun, experiment using this lens kit and tripod for your cell phone:

4. Think of gifts that you can enjoy from the comfort of home:

What size magazine subscription, a wine, a course makeup or book? There are options for all budgets and tastes. Better yet, you can get them to them without leaving. Just a little imagination and knowing Mom well.

Gift idea: The Book of Joy: Achieve lasting happiness in a constantly changing world

5. Don’t miss the call:

This is the most important gift of all and the one that will probably replace the hug that cannot be given in these moments of physical distance. Thanks to technology we can be connected with our relatives no matter where they are. BOSS Revolution It gives you the opportunity to overcome the challenges of staying in communication with those who are far away. You can do it through its application, in the comfort of your home, easily and safely without incurring a giant bill at these times when the budget of many has been affected. If you call Mom on her day you will receive a bonus of up to 20 percent of call time with your recharge of between $ 5 – $ 100 so that you can continue to communicate with your family.