Take advantage of these accessories for your hair.

If you are working from home or even want to incentivize your day by looking more groomed, these hair accessories can help you look groomed and combed. You don’t need to be an expert to be able to comb your hair, in simple steps your hair will look neat and beautiful.

Remember to wash your hair brush and accessories frequently to avoid excess oil and accumulated dirt that can impregnate your hair; You can do it by soaking with your shampoo and water.

1. EAONE: 2-size tweezers to collect your hair without damaging it or squeezing it

These hair clips are ideal for picking up your hair without breaking it and mistreating it. These hair accessories have a matte style that has 2 styles. The first clip has teeth visible to hold any type of hair, and the second matte style has no teeth visible, but will only be able to hold a section of your hair, this clip measures approximately 5 cm.

It is a package with 8 different colored clamps that will give a touch of color to your hair. Ideal for use even after this quarantine in moments of great rush.

2. Aileam: scrunchie with ribbons that hold your hair for a fun touch

If you are one of those who have a hairstyle is not your thing or you want to wear a groomed hair in minutes, this is a scrunchie, but it has 2 ribbons that give it a fun touch and make it look very groomed. You can style it by doing half a tail, a ponytail or a chongo collecting all your hair. If your hair is very thin, you can cross the ribbons and tie them to keep your hair tight.

It is a set of hair accessories with 6 scrunchies 2 with prints and 4 with solid colors.

3. Cehomi: hairpins and brooches with 20 different designs for each occasion

If you have short hair or love to wear loose hair, these brooches will give you different styles. They are hairpins that are not magnetic, but can pick up a section of your hair. The best thing about these hair accessories is that They do not look childish, so they are ideal to wear them on your video call meeting at work.

Experiment with several or do half a tail and put the pin at the end. If you have short hair, they are certainly excellent for you. Show off your hair in seconds. When you take them back be smooth so as not to pull out the hair.

4. Fascigirl: silver and gold colored geometric and minimalist brooches

If you are someone who prefers a very simple and easy to use design, these are brooches with geometric designs that you can place on a section of your hair. Are 8 hair accessories, but they come 2 of the same design in a different color. If you have very straight hair, we recommend applying a bit of hairspray, to comb it more easily.

When placing them, be very soft, because if you open them abruptly they can break. Ideal to show them off after this quarantine at work.

5. Aniann: headbands of different colors that do not squeeze the head

Sometimes headbands are a problem, as they tend to squeeze the head. This option is made of an elastic that helps it not hurt you and you can use it for several days. Its design is like a turban and it is a 10-Piece Hair Accessories Pack of different colors Ideas to buy them for your sister, your mom or your best friend and for yourself.

Headbands are not just for use on loose hair, You can style it with a chongo, half-tail and sport a more groomed hair. Experiment with your hair and these hair accessories.

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