The latest in satellite navigation that you can install yourself

The Gps They have become one of the most indispensable elements within automobiles. Having this tool gives you the advantage of being able to make your trip safer and gives you the possibility of always being located within your environment. Today we want to show you five of these devices that you can install easily by yourself in your car.

1. GPS with voice transmission

It is an advanced device that has a lifetime configuration and is capable of providing indications in 40 languages. It is equipped with routing options, updated directions, voice search and smart speed camera alerts. It has a memory of 256MB of RAM and up to 32G of extended memory.

It is a device with a wide, clear and sensitive screen that you can adjust according to your needs. In addition, this tool for your vehicle will allow you plan routes, track distances and make arrival estimates.

2. Location system with smart functions

It is a GPS system of advanced navigation It integrates a variety of smart features like live services. The device has an LCD screen that includes its own stylus.

It is an innovative product that adapts quickly and easily to your needs, since its state-of-the-art navigation system integrates the most common functionalities and many other additional ones that will make the trip much more pleasant for everyone.

3. GPS with alerts and road data

It is a system with alerts that indicate sharp curves, speed changes, school zones and speed cameras. It is a dedicated browser that makes it easy to move on the track, offers visual references and Foursquare data about shops, restaurants and other places of interest.

This product simplifies all data to provide a wide access and safe from the most common places on each route. A device that exceeds performance expectations with high precision features.

4. Browser with updated maps

It has a pre-installed system with the 101 regions and maps of 58 languagesAll this available on its LCD touch screen with a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels made with tempered glass. The device has a full viewing angle and high brightness to make it much more comfortable to read than you need it.

This artifact is capable of illustrating a clear display of routes, maps and emits intelligent voice alerts that keep you informed all the way. It has automatic reminders to warn you about the speed limit in the area and location indicators found on the road.

5. Touch screen HD

It is a system with a touch screen high accuracy, support for 32 GB SD card and a smart navigation system with bird’s eye view. It also has a modality that indicates up to seven exits and crossings that will take you to your destination.

Is a customizable system which also highlights the maps and provides a third-dimensional perspective of them. Also, this handy gadget supports ZIP codes, coordinate setting, POI searches and can tune in to FM radio stations.

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