The solution to avoid irritation and dryness of your eyes

It is a fact that we spend more and more time in front of the computer. However, it is well known that constant exposure to light emitted by the monitor can affect the health of the eyes, causing dryness, irritation and tiredness. So here are five types of glasses that will protect your eyes while using the computer.

1. Set of designer glasses unisex

They are two frames equipped with a protection barrier to alleviate the eye strain product of intense exposure to light emitted by the computer. The frame is ultralight and flexible nylon, and it also has a professional-casual look.

You can use this pair of lenses and combine them with your best casual outfits. Their resistant materials endow them with a long useful life so you can use them for many years.

2. Women’s glasses with metal frame

They are stylish glasses youthful and casual They are formed by a reinforced metal frame and lenses with a formula that blocks blue light and reflections from the screen. It also has nose pads made with adaptable silicone.

They are perfect to reduce the load on the bridge of the nose thanks to the pads that are easily mold. They are light, durable and elegant accessories that you can easily combine with any of your outfits.

3. Polycarbonate lenses with glare filter

There are five pairs of Gaoye glasses with blue light filters that have a resin frame and lenses made of polycarbonate. Your design casual style make them the perfect complement to any work look.

They are made in a shape that adapts well to the needs of men and womenThey are also resistant, light accessories and made by professional ophthalmologists. They are practical glasses that adapt easily to any style of dress.

4. Pack of retro-style glasses rounded

It is a kit that includes two glasses retro style with a rounded black frame and clear blue ray-blocking lenses to help reduce eye fatigue from long-term use of the computer.

You can also use them to protect your eyes from the brightness of the TV, tablets, cell phones and other electronic devices that can cause eye fatigue. They are also a comfortable tool to read or to reduce the effects of the sun’s rays on your eyes.

5. Anti-glare lenses vintage style

They are glasses with a vintage style Made of high quality material that features UV radiation blocking crystals to mitigate blurred vision and eyestrain. They are comfortable, resistant to shocks, scratches and have a hypoallergenic frame.

These blocking glasses are very useful for reading, work with the computer and any other activity where your eyes are exposed to direct light, such as using mobile phones, watching television or even playing video games.

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