Creative and innovative gifts to give to the happy couple

Getting married is one of the most important acts in the life of each couple since this ceremony marks the beginning of the longest stage of their relationship. Being married is something totally new loaded with very loving experiences, difficult times, coexistence and a constant learning about life as a couple. In the wedding It is important to bring a present to the newlyweds to wish them the best, and today we suggest five ideas for special gifts they sure will love.

1. Cups of coffee custom

Some beautiful and unique coffee mugs with the initials of Mr. and Mrs. accompanied by a beautiful red heart that reflects love and the passion that exists in the couple. Pieces that are made of microwave-resistant ceramic.

These mugs are ideal for newlyweds to enjoy a delicious coffee in the morning or enjoy together of a tea in the middle of the afternoon. The mugs are always a good option to give a gift to the people most important to us and this game is no exception.

2. Luggage tags custom

When we talk about original gifts, these initial labels Mr. and Mrs. they are just the detail you are looking for. These are sturdy luggage tags that include a sturdy buckle strap and a flap that opens and closes.

They come in a duo of beautiful neutral colors and very chic like gray and white so they can easily match any piece of luggage. It is a unique detail and that will delight the boyfriends.

3. Matching T-shirts King and queen

They are two shirts of King and Queen of hearts that will surely be liked by the couple. They are made of very soft-touch polyester fabric and are available in a black background color with a sturdy pattern print. poker cards.

These shirts you can give them on the wedding day and to surprise to the bride and groom with fun, light and easy to combine clothes with any style. Its design allows them to look amazing with jeans or beach style shorts.

4. Kitchen set for happy couples

A fun and original gift for you to give to the new men and women. It is a set of aprons made with cotton and polyester that also include some cute oven mitts and napkins with the printed initials.

It is an ideal gift for couples who love to cook delicious barbecues as a family, bake together or make delicious dishes to reinforce each day. bonds of love that hold them together.

5. Table bamboo for cheese

A good wooden table perfect for placing snacks that newlyweds can enjoy al1. Is a single table Smooth surface made of natural bamboo, a resistant material that also prevents bacteria from coming into contact with food.

A beautiful surface where the couple can enjoy rich cheeses, fruits and a wine while enjoying some quality time just for them. This tray is also a perfect piece to entertain the guests who are going to visit them.

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