An easy-to-use tool that will kill all microorganisms

The ultraviolet lights They are a proven way to sterilize and eliminate any type of virus and bacteria that adhere to different surfaces. Flashlights that emit this type of light are very safe and do not cause harm to people, as long as the direct contact of light with the skin is prevented. If you are looking to free your home and workspaces from any microbial life, here are five types of flashlights with ultraviolet lights to disinfect every space in your home.

1. UV sterilizer quartz

A lamp designed as a tube made with very good quality quartz that emits a dual sterilization UV light with ozone and timer to easily control cleaning time with this light.

This lamp is ideal for taking to school, for use in hospitals, and to clean all important areas of your home. A safe and easy tool to remove bacteria and germs that hide in the different spaces of your house.

2. Portable lamp to clean multiple surfaces

A flashlight with a body made of aluminum and PC material that emit UV light It has the ability to sterilize spaces anywhere in a matter of minutes. It is low power consumption and has the ability to work up to 50 continuous hours.

This lamp has a USB port And it comes with a plug to automatically activate its UV light function and disinfect the rooms at home. It is a very light, versatile and safe to handle device.

3. Sterilizer with remote control

A disinfection lamp equipped with micro ozone technology for UV sterilization and instant disinfection to cover the entire room and thus remove to all the bacteria and germs on each of its surfaces.

This disinfection lamp is made of quartz material with a solid steel structure that provides a lot of resistance. It is designed to effectively disinfect any room in just 15 minutes.

4. UV bulb universal design

A powerful light emitting bulb germicidal ultraviolet Ideal for use on items such as bedding or solid surfaces such as ceramic or wood. It does not require special connections and has the capacity to cover an area of ​​up to 400 square feet.

This UV spotlight has a useful life of 8,000 hours that will help you in the disinfection process of your home and will allow you to keep bacteria and germs away, in this way you can keep your family protected from any disease.

5. Lamp ultraviolet ozone

An ultraviolet ozone lamp that includes a 24-hour timer for safe and continuous use. Comes with ozone charge that allows sterilize every surface where this device is used.

If you want a deep sterilization of your spaces, this lamp will allow you to enjoy a safer environment and free of microorganisms. Ultraviolet light provides a healthy environment where you can keep your whole family protected from diseases.

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