Exquisite aromas that will help you achieve lighting

The aromatherapy It is a curative treatment that consists of the use of essential oils extracted from plants and flowers that evaporate in the air. These fragrances help to create an environment of harmony that allows you to rest, heal and recover the energies of your mind and spirit. Therefore, today we invite you to look at the following list with essential oils They are ideal for practicing meditation.

1. Essential oils to increase concentration

A pack with essential oils that are contained in 10ml bottles, Each bottle contains a mixture of exquisite aromas formulated with natural, chemical-free ingredients. They can easily dissolve in water and allow you to create a more harmonious environment.

Are six aromas different extracted from natural ingredients such as lemongrass, mint, orange, lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree. Each of these fragrances promote happiness, increase your concentration and allow you to create a space where you can be calm.

2. Fragrances natural free of additives

A set with 14 natural fragrances for you to enjoy your preferred smells such as lavender, eucalyptus, sweet orange, roses, tea tree, lemon mint, cedar and sweet orange. Each comes in a presentation of a small 5 milliliter bottle.

They are oils of an excellent quality and duration that you can use to create a space of peace in any part of your house. Its aromas will captivate your sense of smell and allow your body to enter a state of total calm.

3. Set with oils therapeutic grade

A set that includes 18 essential oils formulated with 100% pure and therapeutic grade ingredients. Each fragrance is contained in a 0.3 fl oz bottle that is also equipped with a dropper nozzle.

You can use the oils alone or create your own combinations so that in this way each space in your home or office automatically becomes a peaceful environment. Each fragrance has properties that help calm stress and allow you to eliminate the feeling of exhaustion.

4. Essences with aromas fresh and relaxing

They are natural therapeutic grade formulas that are completely fragrance free from chemical origin. They are available in 6 bottles that preserve essences such as eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, orange, green grass and tea tree.

This game allows you to have your own aromatherapy session without leaving home. You will feel like a person completely renewed, full of energy and with a much clearer mind.

5. Essential oils with case wood

They are 10 essential oils that contain an organic formula made with natural ingredients extracted from organically grown plants and fruits. I know dilute quickly and can be used both as a body oil or for home aromatherapy sessions.

They are oils that contribute to your emotional, physical and spiritual health. They are ideal to use while you meditate, work or just when you want disconnect of your environment for an instant.

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