A special and suitable training for your lungs

Have a lung capacity Effective is essential for a good state of health, since it directly impacts blood production, the ability to assimilate food and even allows regulating many nerve functions. The oxygen It is essential for the proper functioning of our entire organism and for this reason it is essential to do everything in our power so that our lungs are always in good condition.

1. Expansion device pulmonary

It is an inspiring trainer designed to help improve the respiratory system. It has a simple design that has been adapted to allow effective oxygen flow.

This accessory is ideal for perform therapies to patients who have suffered infections at the lung level or are in the process of quitting smoking. A device that allows you to improve oxygen flow and laryngeal function.

2. Coach of musculature

It is an ergonomically designed tool that has a antibacterial mouthpiece, a touch clip for the nose area and a resistance indicator that allow constant exercise that is very beneficial for the respiratory tract.

This accessory will help your inspiring muscles work harder and give you an opportunity to improve your pulmonary resistance progressively. It is a professional use tool and really useful for physical therapy and training.

3. Exerciser breathing

It is a portable design adjustable resistance valve that features a flexible, medical grade silicone mouthpiece. It is an accessory commonly used for therapies and to perform exercises inhalation and exhalation that expand the oxygenation capacity.

A simple but very practical and versatile accessory that is ideal for athletes, as well as for patients suffering from respiratory difficulties. It is very easy to use and brings many benefits to general well-being.

4. Builder breath

It is a simple tool that uses a flow technique to strengthen respiratory capacities. Exercise acts directly on the diaphragm area and helps strengthen muscles that are part of the respiratory system.

This product is totally washable and it is made of medical grade plastic very safe for health. A tool designed to scale your inhalation and exhalation capabilities to give you better lung performance.

5. Pulmonary exerciser portable

A recognized accessory that helps improve lung functions and it serves to ventilate the organism. It has a simple and flexible design so you can provide efficient treatment regardless of conditions.

This compact design tool is easy to carry in your bag, purse or even one of the pockets of your pants, in this way you can always have it on hand and perform your oxygenation exercises whenever you need.

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