A way to add flavor to your life without abusing calories

Start a new diet for lose weight It does not mean that we should leave out delicious foods that are full of flavor. Today there is a whole range of healthy dressings that have ingredients that take the flavor of your salads to another level. Here are the top 5 guilt-free toppings you can add to your salads.

1. Vinaigrette dressing and Red wine

It is a sauce made from very soft red wine vinegar with a slight touch of Cabernet Savignon and a pinch of garlic. This mixture of ingredients with intense flavors and sweets make this dressing a perfect condiment to add that extra taste to every salad.

If you are a lover of strong and slightly sweet dressings, this is sure to become one of your favorites. Best of all, it is a very seasoning Low in calories, that will make your salads a totally new gastronomic experience.

2. Seasoning candy Low in calories

A product available in a package of 32 ounces that you can comfortably store in any cabinet in your kitchen. This premium quality seasoning has a sweet, spicy flavor.

The best thing about this incredible dressing, is that it only has a total of 90 calories per serving, so you can add it to your salads without feeling like you’re breaking your diet. It is also ideal for marinating chicken or meat to add a new flavor.

3. Flavoring creamy sweet and spicy

If you are a person who enjoys soft and creamy dressings more, this seasoning will never be missing in any of your salads. It is a food flavoring made from tomatoes, classic spices and vinegar that provide a delicate flavor that balances between sweet and spicy.

It is perfect to accompany your favorite salads and sandwiches, without feeling that you are leaving out the diet. It’s a product gluten free and corn syrup that add unnecessary calories.

4. Creamy dressing with a twist Oriental

It is a dressing made with eggs, soybeans and wheat, which are natural ingredients which provide a lot of flavor to meals. by themselves. Its spectrum of flavor makes this seasoning perfect for dressing salads or marinating meats.

A product that allows you the opportunity to experiment in your kitchen and create new flavors with this dressing. Its mixture of ingredients gives it a oriental flavor that will make every meal a gourmet experience.

5. Vinaigrette trans fat free

A condiment made with raspberry vinegar that you can accompany with any salad. It comes in about small packages that you can keep in your kitchen or even take with you for work or to the gym.

It stands out for its vibrant color and ingredients that will create an authentic explosion of flavor in your mouth. If you are one of those who have a caloric control of your diet, this dressing without trans fats will undoubtedly become one of your favorite options to accompany your salads.

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