A tool to get rid of nightmares forever

The dream Catcher They are spiritual and protective objects whose main function is to attract good dreams to your life. Your goal is to capture the nightmares among your nets so that they are then destroyed with the first rays of the sun. Today, we present five designs that will allow you to spend a quiet night and remove any type of negative energy that disturbs your dreams.

1. Traditional design with tree of Life

It is a dream catcher with a tree of life pendant with smoky quartz leaves that adds a more distinguished touch. Is hand made with polyester threads, shiny beads and natural feathers.

A piece that will not only fade your nightmares while you sleep, but will also serve as a talisman that will emanate positive energy, tranquility and strength to face any challenge that the new day brings.

2. Dreamcatcher with feathers purple and blue

A dreamcatcher made by hand with a combination of 100% natural materials. Its diameter is 4.3 inch and it is completed with purple and blue feathers.

It is ideal if you want to add some joy and a more modern style to the decoration of your room. Its main function is Ward off the nightmares of your mind so you can enjoy deep dreams and fill you with energy.

3. Dreamcatcher bigcolorful and eye-catching

It is a beautiful craft made with Ecological materials. This amulet stands out for its delicate style and soft feathers and threads inspired by the vivid colors found in nature.

A very aesthetic piece that is perfect to decorate the walls of your home. Its sturdy cords will catch nightmares so they move to the feathers that will make them pleasant dreams.

4. Design Bohemian moon-shaped

This dreamcatcher has a unique design inspired by the stars and moon to create an elegant atmosphere in any room where it is placed. It is made with natural feathers and cotton lace, two high-quality and durable materials.

Say goodbye once and for all to insomnia and nights where nightmares don’t let you rest or regain the energy you need to face the new day. It will fill you with much tranquility and it will help keep your mind at peace.

5. Dreamcatcher handmade

This dream catcher is made entirely by hand with a cotton net, metal ring, soft feathers and polished wooden beads. Preserves a classic design native American that add a bohemian and sophisticated touch to any room.

A decorative piece full of little ones details very simple that will not go unnoticed easily. You can hang it on the window or on the walls of your room to catch bad dreams and make your nights the ideal time to rest.

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