A basic garment that you cannot miss

The cotton blouses They are always a great choice when we want to look good and feel comfortable at the same time. Its fabrics fit very well to the body and are very easy to combine with any other garment in your wardrobe. If you are in search of a cotton blouse, this time we have put together some designs that are perfect to look and be very comfortable for the whole day.

1. Pack of shirts of cotton

A pack of two shirts that are made with a cotton and spandex blend. Each one has a very simple different pattern design that goes perfectly with any outfit. These garments are available in sizes from XS to XXL.

These simple clothes can be combined very easily with your best clothes and use them daily to go to the supermarket, pick up your children after school or simply to enjoy a quiet day at home.

2. Feminine blouse with sleeves frills

A very flirty blouse made from a combination of cotton and lycra, two fabrics elastic and soft to the touch with the skin. Its horizontal stripes design and ruffled sleeves will give you a much more casual and youthful appearance.

It is perfect to use on sunny summer days, where we seek to feel comfortable and fresh without losing our style. You can wear it with a very tight high-cut jeans to highlight your curves and look even sexier.

3. Classic garment casual V neck

This is a casual V neck blouse that has been made from super soft cotton. Count with one embroidery design It covers the entire front and a hem on the sleeves for a more casual touch.

It is undoubtedly a garment that stands out a lot for its small details and classic approach. It is a true garment that will get you out of any trouble when you can not find what to wear.

4. Design baggy and elegant

This long-sleeved blouse has been made with a blend of cotton, polyester and elastane that results in an elastic garment, breathable and very comfortable. Its solid color design and casual style make it perfect to use with any outfit.

Its shape allows it to adapt very good to the body and is perfect to combine with a pair of leggings or jeans fitted at the waist. A comfortable, elegant and very sober blouse that will take your style to a new level.

5. Classic blouse with buttons

A blouse made with 100% cotton high quality organic. Its flowery pattern design with buttons and short sleeves give it a very spring and colorful air.

You can use it every day both to go to university or work, so you can carry a very adaptable look and that will make you feel very comfortable at all times. Its fabrics are fit to be machine washes without wearing out or losing their color.

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