A creative way to spend time at home

Color mandalas It is a therapeutic relaxation technique that has the ability to calm stress, stimulate concentration and promote peace of mind. This practice has also been shown to be useful for improving our mood and reducing anxiety symptoms. It is a good idea that you dedicate a part of your time to clear your mind, taking this into account we present a list with 5 books to color with mandalas.

1. Coloring book for relax the mind

This book features textured pages with designs that progressively vary in style and complexity. Its pages have been made with very high quality paper.

Free the artist inside you with this coloring book. Each of his designs are a possibility to leave your imagination to fly, they combine colors and paths to give your personal touch to each mandala.

2. Mandalas for children and adults

If you are looking for an experience of coloring mandalas but with less complex designs and with much more marked edges, this incredible book may be just what you were looking for to free your mind from everyday stress. The material has 42 designs different that you can color to your liking.

A document loaded with details and illustrations on what you can spend long hours coloring and giving you the respite that your mind needs to be more efficient. This book is suitable for children and adults.

3. 50 designs to improve cognitive functions

A book with 50 mandalas made with professional designs and perfectly reproduced down to the smallest details so you can color as you wish. It is an ideal activity to improve attention span and stimulate cognitive functions of the brain.

Each design will help you relax and say goodbye to the stress, depression and anxiety that day to day can bring. You will feel how your mind is renewed and your creative abilities are renewed with each new mandala.

4. Book with 100 designs relaxing

A hardcover book that features amazing designs full of patterns and small details that make each mandala a true work of art. Its leaves are resistant which makes them perfect for coloring with colors, markers and even paint.

With this book you can free your artistic side and relax your mind while giving your personal touch to each illustration. This material has designs with different difficulty levelsThis makes it a very nice material for people trying to color mandalas for the first time.

5. Professional artwork for Adults

It is a book with 100 mandalas to color with levels of difficulty suitable for intermediate and advanced painters. Its thick sheets provide the possibility of coloring with tools such as markers, pens and watercolors.

By coloring each of the mandalas, you will have the opportunity to relax your mind and focus your energies on a more constructive activity. This material has been considered as a therapeutic method perfect for treating anxiety and stress.

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