Enjoying your favorite drink can be a good weekend plan at home

During the time we spent in House it is extremely important to find a way to keep your spirits and a willingness to move on. One way to do this is to give ourselves a good taste from time to time. Few things can be as rewarding as enjoying a good drink, that’s why today we bring you five cocktail shakers that will allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks whenever you want.

1. Homemade kit stainless steel

It is a three-piece kit made of stainless steel that consists of a strainer, a jet meter two size and a twisted bar-type spoon. It is a product with a professional design and superior quality.

This cocktail shaker set is a versatile product in which you can mix drinks such as margarita, cosmopolitan, martini and others. They are simple and light pieces that also have a long useful life.

2. Shaker with irish design

It is a glass to mix with Irish design that adds a more refined and beautiful style. The piece is made of lead-free glass and is reinforced with a structure of stainless steelIn addition, the piece has the capacity to hold up to 17 ounces.

This cocktail glass brings shine and elegance thanks to its design classic and modern. This piece is designed to efficiently mix your favorite cocktails and drinks.

3. Mixer and silver colored mixers

It is a silver colored kit which is made of stainless steel which is safe for manipulate and work with drinks, it also has a portable and authentic design. Kit includes cocktail shaker, mixing spoon, velvet storage bag and other accessories.

The velvet pouch It is an attractive addition that allows you to store and take it with you on your trips. It is a guaranteed, durable and suitable product to make your meetings with friends and family more memorable.

4. Molds for cocktails professionals

They are superior quality tools that include two molds made of high quality stainless steel and perfectly designed. This equipment for making cocktails has attractive, refined and very practical pieces.

These pieces are made to resist and have a long useful life. Plus, they can be easily shaken without having to worry about dripping or content will spill.

5. Shaker set stainless steel

A set that includes a stainless steel cocktail shaker, two premium cocktail shakers 18 and 28 oz., a conical mesh strainer, a measuring jigger, a mixer, a spoon, a pair of ice tongs and two glasses of liquor.

They are 12 safe pieces to use with drinks that you shouldn’t worry because they don’t break or deform over time thanks to the resistance provided by grade 304 stainless steel.

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