5 charms to attract money and prosperity while working from home

Amulets to fill your house with prosperity

It is natural that we all look for ways to attract money and prosperity to our life. There are many ways that we can try to achieve it, and one of them is through amulets that we locate in the space where we have to work. For this reason, today we show you some tools that can help you make money and prosperity never stray from your side.

1. Coins for prosperity

A well known Feng Shui symbol that is used to attract wealth. They are coins with a hole in the center that are linked by a red silk thread that symbolizes good fortune and attracts money.

According to tradition these imperial coins are one of the amulets that emanate an energy which attracts everything related to luck and success. They are also useful for protect us from bad vibes and negative emotions.

2. Golden Frog Of wealth

It is a golden frog of wealth that belongs to the most powerful symbols within the philosophy of Feng shui. The entire piece has been made by hand with polyresin, painted very delicately and sprayed with a lacquer to add strength and a brighter finish.

This statuette has the ability to attract money and material goods. It also works as a receiver that has the ability to return prosperous any business and every project you decide to undertake.

3. Tree with chinese coins

It is a tree of abundance that has been made with a composite resin, painted entirely by hand and with a very shiny polished finish. Is a talisman designed to attract good energy, fortune and money.

It stands out for each of its polished details that provide a much more elegant and appropriate appearance to any decoration you have within your work area. A unique talisman that will allow you to attract financial success in your work and ventures.

4. Bracelet good luck

It is an elastic bracelet known as Pi Yao that features gold plated details help it stand out. It fits comfortably to the wrist and is extremely resistant, so it can be worn daily.

If you are looking for a simple amuletFeminine and matching any garment, this bracelet can be your best choice. It will help you to have a better monetary income and it will also help improve your luck and stimulate good news arrivals.

5. Magic tree Golden

This is a Chinese dragon fortune tree made of tough citrine. Its bright colors, accessories and the overall design of the entire piece is a symbol of prestige and wealth that will bring money and prosperity to where you have it.

Has magnetic properties that work to attract money, it also has a magical effect that creates an aura of harmony and purifies the body so that you have the opportunity to be much more productive in your daily work.

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