A feminine garment that adapts to any occasion

Feel comfortable while we are at home It is the priority, but this does not mean that you should neglect your personal aspect. It is always good to have comfortable clothes in your wardrobe that make you feel sure of yourself and highlight your flirtatious side. A good option that will never go out of style are the casual dresses, and here we bring you five that you will surely love.

1. Basic dress with round neck

It is a dress made with rayon and elastane, two light fabrics that guarantee a lot of comfort at any time of the year. It has an oscillating cut that falls freely up to above the knees It matches its round neck and short sleeves.

Its a classic casual look that regardless of the passage of time, it never goes out of style. A garment that you can wear at night or during the day with flat shoes to make it more comfortable without losing the femininity that characterizes you.

2. Piece with front buttons

A strapless dress that has a loose cut to the knees that features a line of buttons on the front and two pockets sides to store belongings like phone and cash. It is available in different shades and patterns.

This piece subtly shows the curves of your body and offers you much mobility so you can last all day feeling beautiful and comfortable at the same time. Its underbust adjustment works like a belt that helps highlight your waist.

3. Long dress with print

It is a floor length dress that is made with rayon and elastane fabrics, a couple of very light materials and soft to the touch. Its design includes prints in solid colors, a round neckline, short sleeves and side pockets.

It is a version available in different shades and textures so you can find the one that best suits your style. In addition, you can combine it with flat shoes so that you maintain the maximum comfort while you are at home.

4. Classic design of stripes

It is a tunic-style garment, designed with a loose fit that easily adjusts to the hips and has a length allowing you to cover up to just above the knees. It features front button lines, short sleeves, side pockets and a subtle V neckline.

It is designed to gently hug your body and create a feminine effect that will make you feel safe. Its soft fabric and loose design make this dress one of your favorite garments to look so much inside as outside from the house in any season.

5. Dressed in floral print

It is a summer dress made with a combination of rayon and lycra, soft and comfortable fabrics in contact with the skin. The design has a style sleeveless with a floral print and an oscillating cut.

This basic piece is one of the best options if you want to wear a casual look that at the same time is comfortable to be at home. It is also perfect for going out to the beach or going shopping with friends.

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