A treatment to cleanse your body of any microorganism

As a fundamental part of hygiene and personal care, it is always important to have products that have antibacterial properties that have ingredients that are responsible for eliminating and protecting the skin from microorganisms. One of the most common presentations of this type of products are the body creamsThat is why today we present five of them that are designed to complement your bathroom.

1. Cream antiseptic


This is an antiseptic cream which is endowed with an antibacterial formula made mainly with tea tree. This product is really effective in treating dry and inflamed skin.

Its active ingredients also help prevent infections. It is an ideal treatment to calm gently and soothe minor skin irritations, while creating a protective coating over the skin to prevent scratches and burns.

2. Ointment with properties antibacterial


It is a cream formulated to protect and calm skin irritations. This product has a proprietary formula rich in vitamins of complex A, D and E, which reduce inflammation and stimulate the natural recovery process of the layers that make up the skin.

An easy to apply product that leaves a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and hydration on all skin. An excellent option that allows you protect and calm any type of chafing, itching, or feeling of dryness.

3. Cleaner patented body


It is a cream formula which is responsible for providing a deep cleaning on all skin types. It is a product made to serve as a supplement for skin care.

By gently applying it to the skin, this cream cleanses and purifies the cells that make up the dermis, as well as giving you a refreshing and hydrating sensation. An option that soothes and calms without altering the Natural balance of your skin.

4. Treatment multipurpose


A product that offers a instant relief to dry, cracked, flaky or itchy skin. Its natural ingredients also help reduce pain and improve the appearance of damaged skin.

In addition to purifying and protecting your skin, this cream hydrates form deep each of the layers that make up the skin and help it recover its elasticity and fresh texture.

5. Cream with properties antifungal


It is a cream with a powerful formula clinically proven It provides relief from persistent itching, irritation and burns. It is full of organic ingredients like Aloe Vera, Arnica, Grapefruit, Licorice and Turmeric seeds.

Safe and easy to use, this product is completely free of ingredients of chemical origin that can produce any type of allergic reaction. You should only apply it on the affected zone with a delicate massage and in a short time you will be able to notice the results with the naked eye.

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