The ideal garments to work from home

Let’s face it, although the torn or old shirts in our wardrobe can be very comfortable to be in our warm home, these garments do not allow us to look presentable in case of receiving a visit. So it is time to make a change and better opt for a blouse that gives you the opportunity to be comfortable and look good at the same time. Here we present 5 designs that you will surely love.

1. Shirt loose V neck

A garment made with polyester and lycra, two fabrics that make it very comfortable and soft to the touch. It is a light sleeveless piece with a very striking embroidered design that makes you look more feminine.

Its light and breathable materials make it an ideal garment for those days of summer or spring where you want to be as fresh as possible. You can combine it with tight jeans or perhaps a blazer of a dark color.

2. Blouse flowery very feminine

It is a beautiful polyester blouse that does not stretch. Its design features a round neckline and a very elegant pleat. Plus, it features a regular fit, button sleeves, asymmetric hood, curved hem and flowery print for a look. more formal.

It will be a simple piece to use in times such as spring or autumn. If you want to be in your house and cheer you up To create a new look to renew your wardrobes a little, this blouse will be the right one to help you.

3. Design casual and cool

An attractive piece that has been made with 100% polyester, an ultra soft fabric that is pleasant to the touch. This blouse is available in sizes from XS to XXXL so you can choose the one that best suits you.

It has a casual, comfortable, light and breathable style that allows you to easily combine it with any outfit to spend the day at home or take to outings wherever you want see you fixed, without being very prepared.

4. Garment with design Animal Print

A blouse made with polyester, a highly elastic fabric that is pleasant to the touch. It has a short sleeves design and round neck which gives it a quite elegant look and very easy to combine.

The breathable fabric makes it perfect to wear on those hot days and feel fresh for the whole day. If you want to give it a chic look, you can quickly combine it with skinny jeans and a denim jacket.

5. Blouse bare shoulders

An off-the-shoulder design made entirely of fine fabrics that fit with a modern tie knot at the front. The piece has a striped design that makes it perfect for to combine with any style.

This casual garment has a very feminine bohemian style that will make you look good on any occasion. You will steal the eyes of everyone around you and leave the best first impression.

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