A good way to spend time at home

An excellent way to take advantage of time while staying at home is with a good book. It is well known that reading is a very beneficial activity that allows us to disconnect from everything and set our imaginations flying. So if you are looking for something interesting to read while you are at home, here are some best sellers They are available in Spanish.

1. Beyond winter – Isabel Allende


It is one of the most personal stories of Isabel Allende. A manuscript addressing such a subject current and current as is the true face of emigration and the identity of North America today, through each of the characters.

The story centers on somewhat naive characters who find hope in love and second chances. The author offers in this book a complete narrative menu perfect for a holiday reading that is full of emotion and love.

2. Temperance – María Dueñas


A work of the writer Maria Duenas where he gives us a brilliant story, a tribute to second chances and the power that love has. Its central character is Mauro Larrea, whom his fortune has completely abandoned.

Is a novel that speaks of glories and defeats, of silver mines, family intrigues, wines, wineries and superb cities whose splendor begins to fade with time.

3. The book of joy – Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu


This is a reading created by the laureate Nobel Peace Prize, the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Both characters are characterized by life stories with more than fifty years of exile and persecutions in times of heartbreaking violence.

Despite the suffering of both, both personalities have been considered by thousands as the two happiest people on the planet. The book asks how we can find joy, while we face each of the difficulties that arise throughout life.

4. The German girl – Armando Lucas Correa


It is a novel where a tour of the Berlin 1939, pre and post revolution Cuba and even New York after the events of September 11. The story is based on the life of Hannah Rosenthal.

A girl and her parents with a lovely life, who were one of the most distinguished families in the upper Berlin circles. Hannah he takes refuge with a friend, with whom he ends up making a pact and they promise each other a future.

5. The book Thief – Markus Zusak


It is a very human and exciting precious novel where the adventures of a german girl nine years. The novel narrates from the moment it is given up for adoption until the end of World War II.

It is considered by critics as a dazzling work for its extraordinary characters, its ability to move and its insistent reflection on the value of words.

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