Say goodbye to back pain while you’re at home

If you suffer from intense back pains While working, you may not have a proper posture when sitting down. An idea to solve this problem is to use orthopedic belts They offer adequate support to naturally align the spine. If you want to be able to work calmly without your back being affected, we invite you to look at the five options of belts with orthopedic designs that we select for you.

1. Belt with pads padded

This lumbar support has been built with stainless steel that provides support firm and sure To the back. It features removable padded pads and a breathable fabric that makes it much more comfortable to wear.

An orthopedic belt that exercises a good coverage all over the lower back, perfect for reducing lower back and muscle pain. It can be easily adjusted so it is not uncomfortable to wear while working.

2. Design of elastic straps adjustable

A garment made with elastic materials and breathable that allows you to achieve adequate compression to help you maintain the most suitable posture for your back. It has double straps to adjust compression levels and is available in sizes from S to XXXL.

You can use it while doing different activities and you will not feel hot, this is because its material allows your skin to breathe. Further, outlines the small of your back so that you can keep the most suitable posture.

3. Garment with support lumbar

It is a belt with adjustable elastic fabrics that offers adequate support throughout the spine. Its design makes it a very comfortable that you can even wear under clothing without being noticed.

The materials of high quality They allow this garment with an orthopedic design to adapt perfectly to the demands of your day-to-day life and to prevent injuries and muscle pain. Its structure offers additional support to improve your posture and reduce stress points.

4. Orthopedic corset with tension straps

It is a corset built with an aluminum panel that guarantees a natural alignment of the spinal column. It has elastic straps and velcro closures for a firm and at the same time soft fit with the skin.

This garment has been designed for women who want to relieve their low back pain and improve their posture. Its design is designed to provide a fit accurate and safe It avoids complications at the lumbar level, while also allowing total freedom of movement.

5. Belt full back

It is an orthopedic back and shoulder support that has been manufactured with breathable, flexible and elastic materials which absorb moisture to avoid excess sweat and bad smell. It has flexible steel bars that help maintain correct posture.

If you have pain in the upper and lower back, this orthopedic belt has a shape that helps you reduce them effectively. Its slim design makes it an almost invisible garment under clothing and at the same time allows you to move freely.

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