Wake up and stay well informed at the same time

Alarm clocks with FM Radio of those devices that are always useful in our day to day, since they not only allow us to wake up at a specific time but also give us the opportunity to listen to our favorite station to enjoy good music or keep up to date with the news . Therefore, we invite you to take a look at these five options of alarm clocks that you can have in your room.

1. Alarm clock with port Dual USB

This digital alarm clock with FM radio has a frequency range of 87.5-108 MHz, seven different alarm systems, dual USB charging and a temperature detector. It is designed to work well connected to one outlet or with three AAA batteries.

It has a dual alarm and timer that allows you to enjoy 10 to 120 more minutes of sleep. Its FM band system allows you program your station favorite before bed and wake up every morning with your favorite radio show.

2. Electronic clock with radio FM and AM

It is an alarm clock with 0.9 inch green LED display screen which features four levels brightness that automatically adjusts with date and time. The device has measurements of 6 by 5 inches that allows you to place it on your nightstand.

You have the option of programming the alarm in repeat mode so that it is activated on certain days of the week. Although if you prefer to fall asleep listening to the radio, you can use the timer and choose between the frequencies FM and AM.

3 System dual alarm

It is an alarm clock designed with a compact 3.4-inch LCD screen that has an adjustable brightness that adapts to day and night. Among its most outstanding features is its dual alarm, the volume button with six levels and the timer function.

It can work connected to an outlet or with three AAA batteries that provide the necessary energy to charge your electronic devices in its two auxiliary USB ports.

4. Black cube with LCD screen

It is a radio device FM and AM It features an easy-to-read LCD screen, brightness control, and a programmable timer. Its technology allows the use of a backup battery so that the watch can work efficiently.

If you want to wake up without much jolt, this alarm clock allows you to set the alarm to increase the volume of gradually. It also includes a button on the top to activate sleep mode for 10 minutes.

5. Radio alarm clock with led screen

This alarm clock with FM radio has a practical design with a led screen Easy-to-read black, dual alarm with two sound rings, timer, and USB charging ports. It works by means of an AC adapter.

With this design you have the option of waking up to your favorite news by choosing from your favorite stations within a frequency of 76.0 and 108.0 MHz. Its timer button is programmed to give you up to 9 minutes of dream.

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