Your unfailing companion in the morning

A daily routine established is something necessary to keep track of our objectives to meet. Staying focused and setting goals you can accomplish on a daily basis, even while staying home, gives you the opportunity to feel more useful and much better about yourself. Something vital to be more productive is to make the most of time, for this reason today we share five types of alarm clocks that will help you start very early to meet your goals.

1. Alarm clock with Wifi

An alarm clock that allows you to program multiple alarms at the same time and is also equipped with a bright white light that helps you wake in the morning. The light begins in a very relaxing reddish tone that gradually grows brighter.

It is equipped with seven alarm sounds that you can adjust to any of its 20 volume levels so that your awakening is less cumbersome. Comes with a repeat function that gives you away 15 minutes additional in case you want to sleep a little more.

2. Traditional design with digital screen

An alarm clock with a traditional but fully digital design that is equipped with many functions that will allow you to start your day with energy and good disposition. The device has a connectivity system for Bluetooth and a USB output that is ideal for charging your phone or tablet.

With this alarm clock you can quickly visualize the time and you can even control the intensity of its light to prevent the shine from hurting your eyes. This tool tells you the time, the Day of the week with large numbers and a layout that is very easy to read.

3. White device with radio and charger

An alarm clock with a dual alarm that lets you set it to go off in two Different times. The device allows you to program your alarm with your favorite radio station since it includes an integrated FM radio band. Its screen has five levels of light intensity.

This alarm clock also has a tray on the top where you can place your phone so that it charges its battery. no need to connect it with any type of cable.

4. Alarm clock with led screen curve

A device with a 5-inch digital screen that allows a much more comfortable view of the time. It has a custom projection mode that allows you to adjust the brightness and project the time onto any part of the room. It also includes an antenna 33 inches which is very useful for tuning into any FM radio.

It has a system that allows you to share alarms with another person, it also has a pause mode that gives you an additional 9 minutes to get a little more sleep. The alarm clock also includes a USB port and expandable memory.

5. Clock alarm with speaker

An alarm clock with a versatile and practical design that features integrated speaker in addition to a bluetooth connection system, a lamp with touch sensor and MP3 player so you can wake up to your favorite music every morning.

The device has a combination of vibrant colors that you can program and adjust the intensity to avoid that the brightness causes you some discomfort when waking up. Its compact size allows it to easily adapt to even small bedside tables.

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