An accessory that brings the peace of nature anywhere

A zen garden It is an art that occupies a small space in our house and has the ability to allow us to remain calm and clear our minds of the daily stress that our fast-paced lifestyle produces. Many retain a traditional style with sand and surrounded by grass, moss, grass and other elements that allow replicating landscapes of nature. If you are looking for a quiet pastimeHere are four Zen gardens that will bring peace to your spaces.

one. Garden sand with eight accessories

It is a beautiful zen mini garden with a size that adapts to any space in your home, office or business. It is black and includes eight pieces They include rocks, a buddha, and a scale replica of a bridge.

With this Zen mini garden table you can schedule your meditation sessions daily and create an environment that only gives you energy clean and quiet. It is perfect to place in a room or in a quiet corner in your home or office.

2. Natural landscape with base round

It is a cute and delicate round zen mini garden that you can have with you in any area of ​​the house. This accessory has a fine colored sand pearl white and includes accessories such as a tree of life, a bridge, a trunk, a stone with a bridge and other elements that will allow you to customize it to your liking.

This design is delicate and perfect to combine with the decoration of any space where you want to have it. Create your own dry landscape and stimulate your creativity, while allowing your mind an escape from the tensions of the modern world.

3. Mini Japanese garden for desk

It is a Japanese-style mini garden that has the exact measurements to be placed on your desk or work table without being cumbersome. The kit includes white sand, tools and all the Essential elements for you to create your own small-scale Japanese garden.

The Zen Mini Garden perfectly captures the Japanese concept of Kanso and allows you to add a touch of nature to your workspace. Create your own patterns on the sand and remove the anxiety of your mind with an activity that allows you to bring out your most creative side.

4. White sand under wood

A mini garden that has a base made of wood, White sand, decorative zen art stones, two figures and six bamboo rackets. The set also has extra sand so you can create all the patterns you want.

Zen gardens are a good exercise for relieve stress and give the mind a chance to rest so it can be much more productive and ideas flow more easily. This mini garden is perfect to place it on a desk, shelves and in any of your spaces.

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