Exclusive French designer perfumes at an affordable price

Yves Saint Laurent He is one of the most important European designers of the 20th century, who has left his mark on the fashion world with his extraordinary creations that break standards. One of the branches in which it has stood out the most is in the manufacture of perfumes, and below we present some exclusive fragrances for women available at prices that fit your budget.

1. Paris with intense floral notes


It is a perfume that receives the name of the city ​​of paris and that it has been considered one of the most relevant within the exclusive line of the French designer. It is a tribute to Parisians who are characterized by their elegant, romantic, iconic and charming style.

It is thus a brilliant harmony of roses and violets with some touches of bergamot and it ends with certain discreet touches of sandalwood that add a lot of warmth and a slightly more robust touch to the essence.

2. Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

This is a fragrance inspired by the city of Paris that has become a favorite fragrance for lovers of this designer. It is mainly made with essences of red berries and pears, two fruity aromas that symbolize the sensuality and femininity of modern women.

Is a floral scent Modern and daring that also includes some notes of creamy white musks and patchouli to create a balance between the sweet and floral fragrances that are so characteristic of this perfume.

3. Spatial editing Parisienne

It is a fragrance of the olfactory family woody floral musk Exclusively for women with top notes of ingredients such as blueberry, blackberry and vinyl. The heart of this perfume is composed of a blend of violets, peonies and Damask roses.

For its part, the top notes are given by more intense aromas such as vetiver, musk, sandalwood and patchouli. A feminine and delicious fragrance, an option that you can use daily to complement your look.

4. Free with hints of tangerine and lavender

This is a perfume that belongs to the Fougére oriental fragrance family exclusively for women. Its top notes are given by sweet fruits such as tangerine and black currants. The heart is of jasmine, lavender and orange blossom.

The base notes are dominated by essences such as Madagascar vanilla, cedar, ambergris and musk. A delicious and feminine fragrance very durable that will leave an unforgettable scent that will last for a long time on your skin.

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