Repair this quarantine the hair.

Now that we have more time at home, it is time to take care of ourselves. This can be with a beauty routine, being in the tub, or taking care of hair to help repair blemished damage and burned hair. You can do a treatment for damaged hair for about 3 weeks so that your hair recovers, full of nutrients, vitamins and return the natural keratin.

1. Shampoo to give it volume and movement, but it relieves dry and damaged skin

After dyeing, ironing, straightening your hair, it may lose volume, your hair will feel thin and motionless. This shampoo can give you volume, taking care of moisture retention, helps hydrate the scalp and controls frizz. A shampoo that also helps that dry and burned part fill with nutrients to restore its natural shine.

One of the advantages of this shampoo is that it also gives it elasticity, so It can prevent split ends and healthy hair won’t fall out.

2. Protein bath treatment to strengthen hair and restore nutrients

Opaque hair, dry ends, little movement and a lot of dryness, it is time to give a rich protein bath to the hair. This protein bath helps you to recover, eliminate dryness and be able to have a shine and softness, this is a treatment for hair damaged by discoloration that apply in beauty salons. Contains protein and collagen to improve structure and improve hair cuticle.

For its application it must be after showering and apply very well to all hair, after apply a little heat without shaking your hair with your hands, you should not cover it with a plastic cap. In minutes you will feel your hair hard, but do not pull or comb, rinse very well. Apply it once a week.

3. Keratin mask with collagen and biotin to help hair growth and repair hair structure

After using a shampoo rich in nutrients, it is essential to use a keratin mask to give it the softness and elasticity that our hair had. It is a mask for damaged hair that must be applied 10 minutes, so that it can improve the structure of the hair, repair due to excess chemicals and gives elasticity to be more resistant.

This mask for dry and damaged hair has keratin, collagen, biotin, green tea, aloe vera and vitamin B5. It will help prevent hair loss as it cares for hair follicles, It cares for UV rays, and cares for the scalp of extreme dryness.

4. Night treatment to regenerate hair and eliminate dryness while you sleep

One way to care for damaged hair and be able to repair it in less time, is to use a night treatment. The skin is repaired at night, and the hair is the same. This treatment for hair damaged by discoloration and burned helps prevent hair from thinning, prevents breakage, stimulates hair follicles for hair to grow It is thicker and with this the hair loss is less.

Contains 15 active ingredients, they are 8 night treatment packages with caps to avoid staining the pillow. Apply it once or twice a week, to show off healthy and strong hair in weeks.

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