Relieves inflammation, excess gas, and pain.

If you feel that after eating you feel a painful abdomen, a bulging belly and a strong inflammation accompanied by gas, there are teas for inflammation that even relieve it; be it for food, for the consumption of certain medications or even for the menstrual period.

Why are there inflammations? The inflammations can be due to an imbalance in the intestines, intolerance to certain ingredients, infections, menstrual period or having constipation. These teas will be able to relieve inflammation and eliminate excess intestinal gas.

1. Lemon balm tea: helps with digestive problems by preventing constipation and pain

Lemon balm tea tastes like mint, lemon and a little peppermint. It is mainly used for relieve digestive problemsIt can relieve stomach pain and even helps you to go to the bathroom better by preventing constipation. This is because it is a natural pain reliever, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

This tea for inflammation, can help you relieve menstrual cramps, and to prevent fluid retention. Consume a cup at the time of your preference is caffeine free.

2. Mint tea: relieves spasms from excess gases

One of the benefits of peppermint tea is that it can help relieve abdominal pain, inflammation, and excess intestinal gas; to alleviate these spasms from excess gases. This tea for inflammation is ideal to consume after eating you can prevent inflammation from occurring thanks to its flavonoid content.

Peppermint tea is caffeine freeAnd if you want to refresh yourself even more, you can make an infusion with lots of ice.

3. Fennel tea: prevents urinary tract infections and helps eliminate gas

Being a natural anti-inflammatory and diuretic, it helps you not have fluid retention and you can remove any infection that is in the urinary tract. For the days when you have a lot of intestinal gas, fennel tea will help relieve pain and eliminate them. Even if you are sick to the stomach, it will help you not to feel excessive pain and take care of gastric acid so that you do not have reflux.

This tea for inflammation is suitable even for children who have trouble going to the bathroom. Another benefit of fennel tea is that it can help you eliminate phlegm.

4. Senna tea: move the intestines to avoid constipation and pain

This tea for inflammation is for the most extreme cases in which you feel totally inflamed with gases and with constipation, senna tea is a stimulant that acts as a laxative to move the intestines and with this help to alleviate the gases and that you can go to the bathroom without so much effort. For women who have a menstrual period and feel very swollen, this tea may help reduce fluid retention.

This gas and inflammation tea has a bitter taste, so who chooses a sweetener without so many calories. Another option is that you can combine it with another tea.

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